Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Do You Hope to Retire?

One of the biggest concerns of millions of Baby Boomers is how they can afford to retire.   With 10,000 or more Baby-Boomers turning 65 every single day, our generation is beginning to be called a senior tsunami.  My husband and I are perfect examples.

Now that I am 69, and my husband is 73, we thought we would both be retired by now. However, life has thrown us a few more curves than we expected. While I retired at age 64, my husband is still working as an investment advisor.  Even with his financial background, the reality of trying to maintain or lifestyle is a challenge.

It's obvious to us that Social Security will not provide enough money for us to retire ... at least not in California! We have some stocks in our IRA, but they do not produce enough income to replace what he has traditionally earned over the years. Considering how low interest rates and dividends currently are, we do not feel that we have enough assets in reserve for both of us to cut loose from our jobs and assume we will be OK for the next 20 or 30 years.

When we look back at how much the cost of things have increased during the last few decades, we worry that our current assets would not cover our future expenses.  In addition, like many Baby Boomers, we worry that Social Security could be cut in the future, since Congress has not addressed the coming shortfall in the Social Security reserves.

What to Expect from Baby-Boomer-Retirement.com

In this blog, which I began in 2011, you can join my husband, friends and I as we explore some of the actions we have taken or plan to take in order to retire.

In addition, you will find articles which explore retirement communities in the United States and abroad, additional sources of retirement income, ways to save money, and issues such as health problems, financial planning, grey divorce, Alzheimers, senior alcoholism, Social Security, Medicare and depression in retirement.

I welcome comments, ideas, and suggestions that readers would like to share with others who are also trying to figure things out. Many of the comments left by my readers have inspired me to write articles about their questions or suggestions.  It seems that we Baby Boomers have spent our lives trying get things figured out, haven't we?

The quest continues right into our slightly tarnished Golden Years.

My goal is to continue to write and build this blog for the remainder of my life ... since we Baby Boomers are going to continue to have an effect on society for decades to come.

Our retirement is going to be a thrilling ride, and I invite you to join me in exploring our options.

If you are looking for information on specific retirement topics, including where to retire in the United States or overseas, medical issues that might affect us, financial planning, changing family relationships and more, please use the tabs or pull down menu at the top of this page for links to hundreds of additional articles.

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