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Free e-Books for Everyone Who Love to Read


Thousands of books are available as free e-books
Do you love to read, but cannot afford to constantly buy new books?  Did you know that there are ways to satisfy your needs with all the free e-books you could possibly read, including new releases, best sellers, romance novels, and classics? The list below should help you find quality books which you will enjoy reading.

Sign Up at Your Local Library

Most public libraries today are a great source of all types of free reading material.  Of course, there are the traditional books you can check out and enjoy.  However, many of them also will arrange for you to check out e-books which you can read on your own tablet or phone.  Your local librarian can show you how to download them.  This is especially useful for people who are home-bound and find it hard to make frequent in-person trips to the library.  You can sit at home, browse through the selection available from your library system, and download the ones you want to read, including many best sellers which are "hot off the press."

Romance Novels

Many people love to read a great romance novel, but cannot afford the cost of constantly buying new ones. The best place to find free copies of this type of e-book is:

Once a week, Harlequin posts chapters of their new books.  You can open a free account on your computer, or download the free Book Breaks app on your tablet or phone.  The site will even ask you what type of "mood" you are looking for in a novel, to help you narrow your search.

Classic Books

Older books with expired copyrights are in the public domain.  Project Gutenberg has digitized many of these books and you can download them to your computer, tablet or phone in HTML format.  Check out their list of the the Top 100 eBooks at:

However, do not limit yourself to the most popular ones. They have a library of over 70,000 books including titles like Moby Dick, Little Women, the Complete Works of Shakespeare, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the Adventures of Tom Sawyer, the Kama Sutra, Jane Eyre, Peter Pan and thousands more!  So, if you missed reading a classic, or want to re-read a favorite, this is a good way to read them for free!

History Books and Other Reading Materials

Do you love reading rare and hard to obtain books from the past?  You do not have to go to Washington, DC to see what is available from the Library of Congress.  Browse through their catalogue at:

There is simply no way of telling what unusual works you may be able to download and read, including old newspapers.

Free Newly Released Books

Want to be among the first to discover a new title or author?  If you are already a member of Amazon Prime, be sure to sign up for Amazon Prime Reads.  It is a wonderful perk that comes with your Amazon Prime membership.  Every month, Amazon will send you an email with a selection of free books.  You can download one or two of them to your Kindle or Kindle app on your phone or tablet.  That means you will have a steady stream of new books every month for you to enjoy.  Sign up at: (Ad)

If you don't belong to Amazon Prime, another good source of newly released books is the Goodreads Free Shelves site.  They let you preview free e-books and excerpts.  You can find them at:

Audio Books

Do you enjoy listening to books instead of reading?  Go to your local library and see if they offer that option, in addition to allowing you to download free e-books.  Many people have discovered the joy of listening to novels, instead of reading them, and many library systems are now making that option available at no cost to their members, too.  They will also teach you how to do it, and provide you with written instructions.  Listening to books is particularly delightful for people with limited vision.  There is no reason for them to give up enjoying books.

No matter where you live, how limited your finances, or how difficult it is for you to get out of the house, there is no reason why you should have to give up enjoying your favorite books.  There are a wide variety of ways for you to access an almost limitless supply of high quality books for free!

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Favorite Gifts for Senior Citizens and People of All Ages


When I was a young woman, and my parents and grandparents were still alive, I could never figure out what to give them for holidays and special occasions.  "Not another sweater," they would say to me.  "We do not need more coffee mugs," they commented on another occasion.  So, I knew what they did not want, but had no idea what kind of gifts they did want.  

Now that I am retired myself, with a house full of more things than I really need, I understand why my parents and grandparents did not want more sweaters and coffee mugs as they aged.  I also know what types of items I am more likely to purchase for myself, my friends, and my relatives who are near my age.  I have a much better idea what they will like, and decided to share some ideas.  There are so many gift-giving opportunities during the year, and most of us struggle with deciding what to give someone else, especially if they seem to already have everything they need!  I've included Amazon links (Ad) for all of them, but you can easily find them in person or online at other shops, too.  

Food Baskets and Gifts

Most senior citizens enjoy food gifts for two reasons.  First of all, food is something which can be consumed and there is nothing left to store.  It will not be stuck in a closet for the next five years.  Secondly, many senior citizens are on a fixed income.  Sending them food treats which they like, but may not want to splurge on for themselves, is a thoughtful gift.  Here are a couple of examples.

The Swiss Colony 27 Favorite Foods Gift Box (Ad) with Assorted Cheeses, Chocolates, Candies, Petits Fours, and Summer Sausage Meats from Amazon (Ad)

I recently sent this gift box to my 76 year old brother-in-law, who lives alone, and he loved it.  It was just what he needed to entertain a few of his friends during the holidays, without needing to dip into his own budget.  It was a nice treat for both him and his friends.

Broadway Basketeers Chocolate Gift Basket Tower  (Ad) from Amazon with Mint Chocolate Cookies, Cinnamon Yogurt Pretzels, Gourmet Popcorn, Snack Mix, Peanut Butter filled Pretzel Nuggets, Truffles and Lemon Blueberry Cookies.  This package is obviously for the person with a sweet tooth.  If they love cookies, chocolates, and other treats, this could be an ideal gift for them!  

You'll find a nice assortment of other food baskets if you search Amazon (Ad) and other online shops.  The advantage of ordering online is that you do not have to ship it yourself.  It makes like much simpler for you, and, if you have Amazon Prime, you can even get free shipping. At the current price of shipping, that can be a great deal for out-of-town family members.  

However, some elderly people have problems with certain types of food.  Perhaps they have to watch their sodium or their sugar.  They may have difficulty with nuts, soy or other types of food. As a result, you may decide to avoid purchasing a food basket for them.  What are some other favorite gifts for senior citizens?  Below are a few more gifts they are likely to love!

Practical Gifts for a Senior Citizen

Magnifying Glass with Light from JMH
on Amazon (Ad). Many people have trouble reading the fine print on labels, medicine bottles, and the instructions which come with a variety of products.  As a result, they are going to LOVE this magnifying glass. It is able to magnify up to 30 times the regular size.  It is a particularly popular item with people who want to enlarge what they are reading, as well as people who collect coins and stamps, make jewelry, or have other hobbies which require them to focus on something which can be very tiny. 

This is a gift which could help end their frustration and solve a huge problem for many seniors who have given up reading or pursuing their favorite hobbies because of the difficulty they have seeing the work.  Help keep them active and involved with a simple gift of clearer vision!

Higher Torque Electric Jar Opener
on Amazon (Ad) can help you easily unscrew almost any jar.  It is promoted as a product for people with arthritis.  However, almost all seniors have weaker hands as they age.  I have even heard of seniors who had so much trouble opening jars that they gave up eating some of their favorite foods.  That is such a shame, and with this jar opener, there should be no reason for anyone to fear purchasing a favorite food that comes in a jar.  

It will open any jar between 1.2 and 3.5 inches.  Just fit the jar opener over the lid, push the button, and it will automatically turn the lid so you can easily open it.  You do not have to press down on it, and it will not cause you to have palm pain.  What a thoughtful gift for a senior in your family!

Mini Exercise Bike from Himalay
on Amazon (Ad) is a gift I purchased for myself, after knee replacement surgery.  The surgeon and my physical therapist both encouraged me to use a stationary bicycle in order to move my knee into various positions after the surgery, straightening and bending it repeatedly.  However, I did not have a stationary bike at home, and was not supposed to drive for a few weeks after the surgery, making it difficult for me to get to the gym.  

This Mini Exercise Bike solved my problem.  I sit in a chair at home and use it.  The constant bending and straightening of my knee for 10 to 30 minutes a day was very helpful in improving the range of motion in my knee.  In addition, it enables me to get exercise, even during those times when I cannot get outside and walk very much.  Although my knee has now healed, this mini exercise bike is something I continue to use at home when the weather is bad and I do not want to go outside or drive somewhere to exercise.  It has been an excellent way to keep me from becoming too sedentary. 

There are many others gifts which senior citizens will appreciate receiving from their loved ones.  These are helpful gifts which are designed to either be consumed (like the food baskets), or to make their lives better.  Getting old is hard, and having tools to make life easier are greatly appreciated. 

I will do another product article in about six months, with new gift ideas for seniors, so follow to get more ideas.

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