Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gifts, Travel, Family Relationships & More

Among the problems that many Baby Boomers experience as they get older are the ways their relationships change ... whether with their spouse, their adult children or their elderly parents.  Consequently, over the past few years I have written numerous posts about retirement and family relationships and you will find links to those articles listed below.

These posts have covered a number of difficult topics including the issues of moving in with your adult children, getting divorced after age 50, and healing your family relationships.

Closely related to the topic of family relationships are the topics of gift giving, travel and ways to keep busy after retirement.  I have included travel in this category for two reasons.  First, many of the trips seniors take involve visiting their family members.  Second, traveling anywhere as a couple, even to have fun, can sometimes put stress on our relationships.

Index of Baby Boomer Retirement Posts on Family Relationships

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Grandparents and New Grandchildren

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Healing Relationships with Your Adult Children

Help for Retired Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Helpful Smart Phone Apps

Holiday Shopping Ideas for Seniors 

How Far Should You Live From Your Adult Children?

How to Avoid Caregiver Burnout 

How to Cope with Death and Grief

How to Have a Happy Marriage After Retirement 

How to Help Grandchildren Deal with Tragedy

How to Publish Your Autobiography for Free

How to Retire without a Car 

Independent Travel vs. Guided Vacations

International Travel Tips for Senior Citizens

Is it Safe to Cruise on Your Next Vacation?

Is it Safe to Travel Alone? How Can You Make it Safer? 

Keeping Romance Alive After 60  

Safely Travel Alone: Solo Vacation Tips

Safety Rules for Grandchildren

Scrapbooking with Christmas Cards

Sexually Transmitted Diseases After Age 50

Should You Loan Money to Your Adult Children? 

Spending Time With The Grandkids

Starting Over after a Disaster

Start a Baby Boomer's Club in Your Community

Staying Home? Keep Busy and Reach Out to Others

Stay Safe and Enjoy Facebook

Surprises in Retirement 

The Best Years of Your Life - After Age 65  

The Downside of Downsizing Your Home

Tips for Boomers Who Live Alone

Top Toys for Grandkids 

Travel Scams to Avoid

What Will You Do After You Retire? 

When Grandkids Live Far Away

Will You Enjoy Retirement?

Your Attitude about Retirement and Aging Can Make all the Difference! 

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