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Great Places for Boomers to Retire Overseas

One of the most requested topics on this blog has been for articles about good places to retire overseas.  As a result, over the past decade I have researched a number of possible locations and written articles about ones that may interest my readers.  You'll find links to all of these articles below.

Every year thousands of Baby Boomers make the decision to retire overseas.  There are many issues they consider in making this decision.  One reason that is frequently mentioned is the low cost of living in a number of other countries.  Americans are often attracted by the idea that they can live in luxury, or at least in comfort, in an exotic location.  This is especially true if they are worried that they can just barely survive on their retirement income in the United States.

Other people decide to retire abroad because they want to try something different or live in an romantic, tropical location.  They want to experience new experiences during those first few years after they stop working, while they are still healthy and active.

You will find articles here about the best places to retire abroad, including in Panama, Costa Rica, Thailand, Ecuador and other countries.  There is also an article about some of the U.S. territories where Americans would like to retire.

No matter why Americans choose to retire overseas, there are also some general considerations people need to think about when they make that decision, including the risks and how to access travel warnings, and readers will find helpful articles below on those topics, too.  I ALWAYS recommend that people should talk to a Realtor, tax accountant and lawyer in the country where they are moving, so they learn as much as possible about the laws, taxes, healthcare situation, and rules they must follow if they want to work or buy property.

According to a friend of mine who lives in Switzerland, " I would suggest to go to talk to the local consulate, because Realtors in Spain or Italy are not really qualified to give you the necessary information you know and they would lie to sell you the property. In Italy I would go to talk with a "Commercialista" and a "Notary" those are the best placed to know exactly how much you have to pay on your property, income taxes and so on."


 If you are interested in retiring abroad, check out the article links below.

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  1. Hi thinking of moving overseas to the Philippines as a part time venture since my wife if from there. Beautiful country with lovely people. My biggest question is my house here when I am gone and vice-versa. We should have about a 75K pension so, I think financially we should be OK but renting overseas is tricky and could get expensive if you dont watch your currency since the Phil Peso is about 45 to 1 USD.Thoughts?

    1. Although I have not been there, I have heard that the Phillippines is a lovely country and that it is quite affordable, especially for people living on an American pension. Since your wife is from that country, she and her relatives should be very helpful to you in finding an affordable and safe place to live. I suggest you go for a long visit before you purchase a property in the Philippines. While you are there, talk to an immigration lawyer and a Realtor. They will give you invaluable information. Of course, if you have two homes, you will have on-going expenses in both places. You also expressed concerns in your other comment about having homes in two different places. You have several options. You could have a house-sitter stay in your homes when you are not there. Typically, they will pay for their own utilities. Or, you could turn the homes over to a property management company who will maintain them and lease them out on a short-term basis. Then you would not have to worry as much about having your homes falling into disrepair or getting damaged when you are not in residence.

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    1. I'm sorry, but your email address link did not show up when I clicked the link. I want to let you know that it is OK for you to use short passages from my blog as long as you provide me with credit and a link back to my site. I hope the information is helpful to your readers, too.


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