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Get Travel Tips for Italy and an Online Community of Friends!

 Americans love to travel, and Italy is one of their favorite travel destinations. There is so much to see and enjoy there ... the food, the wine, the art, the culture and more!  However, before you travel anywhere, it is always wise to do some research to maximize the pleasure you get from the trip. But where do you start?  If you do not know someone who has already traveled extensively in Italy, you may wonder who can you ask to get honest opinions and knowledgeable answers to your questions.  After returning from your trip, where can you find a group of people who share your love of Italy and will enjoy hearing all about your experiences?    

This week, our guest post is from the authors of Modern Italian, a website devoted to people who share a passion for Italy.  Both before your trip and after your return, you will benefit by joining this delightful community of people.  In addition, if you want to dig a little deeper before your trip, you may also want to read the "Italy Travel Guide: Essential Tips for First-Timers in Italy: How to Travel Italy: Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Sicily and Much More." (Ad)  This guide is available in paperback, on Kindle and on Audible, (my personal favorite) so you can listen to it, if you prefer!  

The guest post from the authors of Modern Italian is below:

How to Plan Your Dream Trip to Italy: And Keep it From Ending!

by mi.o

We understand. We have been there. We know that feeling. Actually, most of our members do, too. You went to Italy and fell in love with her. She was beautiful. She was like nothing you have ever seen. You can still feel her all around you. You can hear her sounds. You can smell her perfume. You can taste that gelato, that fresh bread, that pasta, that everything.

Now, you are home and wondering where she went.

You don't have to wonder any longer. We will bring her to you.

If you've never met her, we understand that planning a trip can be stressful and overwhelming. Let us make the introduction through our community before you get a chance to meet her in person.

The website mi.o is an outstanding resource to use when planning a trip to Italy. Community members have visited Italy, sometimes many times, and are very willing to provide recommendations to others as to how to best experience Italy: where to go, how to get there, what to do, and where to stay. mi.o is a community focused 100% on Italy and Italian culture and, therefore, the quality of recommendations from members is better than from other sites, which are not exclusive to Italy. The mi.o community also features experts from Italy who provide their first-person and “native” insight, as well.

The chat feature on mi.o allows for direct communication between members and experts, as there is always someone available to respond to a post or a question. For example, we asked members to share their dream trip to Italy, if they had no constraints, whatsoever. Many of our members selected new places from their travel bucket lists, and others chose familiar ones which elicit dear memories. Either way, these places have been experienced, tested, and come highly recommended!

Here are some of the recommendations made by mi.o members broken up by regions to make it easier for you to plan:

Emilia Romagna

● Ferrara

● Bologna


● Cinque Terre

● Portovenere

● Santa Margherita

● Portofino


● Venice

● Vicenza

● Verona


● Lake Como

● Lake Garda

● Milan


● Lake Orta


● Spello


● Firenze

● Cortona

● San Gimignano

● Siena

● Castiglione della Pescaia

Islands in Southern Italy

● Favignana Lampedusa Marettimo Ustica Capri

● Sardegna


● Alberobello

● Tremiti

● Polignano a Mare

● Locorotondo

● Monopoli

● Castallano Grotte

● Poligano Mare

● Lecce

● Noci

● Gargano


● Cefal├╣

● Erice

● Ragusa

● Calascibetta

● Licodia Eubea

Our members also share their personal experiences while traveling, so you can make the best out of your trip. Pat, one of our mi.o members, states, “Puglia is beautiful. We visited twice and based ourselves in Alberobello. During our time in Puglia, we visited 17 towns including Alberobello. You must try a signature dish - pureed fava beans with chicory (fave e cicoria) from a great restaurant in Alberobello called Gli Ulivi.”

Many of our members can also offer firsthand experience about living in Italy as a retiree. One of mi.o’s experts, Ilene, writes an award-winning blog about living in Italy, after having lived there for two years, now. She uses the community platform to share her insight, mingle with other members, and even learn Italian to help with her time in the country!

Once your trip to Italy is over, it is completely natural to seek outlets to continue the “love affair” with Italy. Our community members relate entirely to return travelers and are eager to hear about your experience. Visitors to Italy often want to learn how to prepare Italian food, speak Italian, buy Italian products and in general, deepen their understanding and “practice” of Italian culture. mi.o provides Groups and Courses like our Italian Speaking Program for Adults for people to learn to speak Italian before their trip and after.

More about mi.o:

mi.o is a community where you can meet others who share your passion for Italy, the Italian language, and Italian culture while learning through self-expression, thematic groups and expert-led courses and live sessions. Membership is FREE and all are welcome. You are invited to join mi.o and tell your friends, too!

Learn more at:

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