Thursday, September 15, 2011

When Should You Join AARP?

Like many other Baby Boomers, my husband and I do not think of ourselves as senior citizens. As far as we are concerned, other people may be old, but not us! We still believe we are in the prime of our lives. As a result, when we were in our 50's and some friends suggested we sign up for AARP, we were surprised. AARP stands for the American Association of Retired People. As we saw things, we weren't retired at the time and we aren't old, so why would we need this organization?

Take Advantage of AARP Discounts

As we discovered, however, AARP has a reat deal to offer people in their 50s and older. For example, they have negotiated discounts at hotels and motels nationwide. Those discounts alone have more than covered the cost of our annual AARP membership. In addition, members can use their AARP card to get discounts at Walgreens. You can also use it for discounts at tourist attractions, Michaels Stores (on Tuesdays), Chart House Restaurants, cruises, and more. In fact, we never travel anymore without asking if there is an AARP discount, and we are often surprised by how often the answer is "Yes."  For a membership that costs less than $20 a year, the discounts are wonderful!

Stay Up-to-Date with AARP Mailings

AARP will also send you emails and magazines with a wide variety of helpful tips on retirement planning, travel, maintaining your health, and related information.  Frequently, the articles I read in an AARP magazine will spur me to write a post on that topic.

AARP Offers Insurance Programs for Senior Citizens

In addition, they offer several insurance programs for seniors. I want to point out, however, that my husband and I have never used their insurance programs, so I do not know if they are good deals. I only know that they have some special insurance products that are designed for our age group.  At the very least, you can use their insurance products as a baseline for comparison shopping.

AARP is the Major Washington Lobbyist that Represents Retirees

AARP also represents the interests of senior citizens when they lobby Congress over numerous issues which will affect us now and in the future. This service is somewhat controversial, though, since not all seniors think alike. However, I personally believe that AARP does try to do what they can to protect us ... even if I have not always agreed with a few of the positions they have taken.

Advantages of Joining AARP in Your 50's

In general, I am glad that we joined, even though I originally felt silly applying for membership with the American Association of Retired People when I was in my 50s and still working. It has saved me a great deal of money, and provided me with so much information, that it seems like a smart decision now. This is one money saving idea that I am happy to pass on, because I think all senior citizens should take advantage of it!

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