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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Top Retirement Posts in 2019 - Health, Dementia and Money on Minds of Retirees

At the end of each year, we look back at the posts on this retirement blog which received the most interest from readers.  It is always fascinating to see which topics dominated the attention of Baby Boomers and other retirees.  This year, it was very clear that readers were primarily interested in articles dealing with health, healthcare, dementia and money.  The articles listed here were read several times as often as the typical article on this blog in 2019.

Below is a list of the top ten articles of the year, starting with the most popular article at the top.  To read the full articles, simply click on the titles.

The Affordable Care Act 2020 - Are You Eligible for the ACA? - This article received more attention than any other article this year, and five times the number of views of some of the typical post.  Clearly, thousands of readers were interested in learning how to get more information on the Affordable Care Act and find out whether or not they are qualified to get a reduction in health insurance premiums.  Finding affordable healthcare is a very important issue, especially for readers who are approaching retirement, but are not old enough, yet, for Medicare.

Shocking Financial Facts about Retirement - Many people who have not retired yet will be shocked to learn that it is likely they will need to continue to work AFTER retirement, that they will need to save more money before retirement, and that they need to be financially prepared to live another two to three decades.  These are just some of the shocking facts revealed in this article.

The American Blue Zone Lifestyle Could Help You Live a Longer, Happier Life - This article will surprise many readers who believe that the only people who commonly live to be over 100 years old are those who live in faraway, exotic locations.  In fact, a suburb of Los Angeles, California is occupied by a group of people who routinely live long, healthy, active lives well into their 90s and, often, until they are over age 100.  Learn how this community became one of the world's Blue Zones of long life, despite being located on the smoggy, inland side of Los Angeles.

Retired Women: Were You Prepared? What Would You Have Changed? - This article was an opportunity for my female readers to get involved in a project to help researchers who are working on a book designed specifically for women who have not yet retired.  These researchers hope to spare some younger women from the difficulties experienced by women who are already retired.  A number of my readers submitted their experiences, which will eventually be shared in the book these women are writing.

Protect Yourself from the Deadly Flu Virus - Avoid Death from this Serious Disease - During the winter of 2017-2018, approximately 80,000 people in the United States died of the flu, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  More than 12,000 of them were over the age of 65. This year, thousands more have already died of the flu. This article goes into detail about the importance of getting the flu vaccine, as well as other ways to lower your risk of getting the flu.

Marijuana, Brain Health, and Alzheimers Disease - What impact does marijuana use have on your brain?  This article covers the benefits and risks, and they can be quite different for senior citizens and adolescents.  Could marijuana even slow down the development of Alzheimer's Disease?  Perhaps.  Learn more in this interesting article.

Low Investment Costs on Retirement Funds Can Save You Money - This article explains when it is a good idea to hire a financial advisor, and when you can save money by investing your savings directly in a low-cost or no-cost mutual fund, without the services of an advisor.  You should get help when you need it, but why spend money unnecessarily?

Reduce Alzheimers and Other Dementia Risks - You Can Protect Your Brain Health -  Learn about the Four Pillars of Brain Health and how you can easily incorporate them into your lifestyle.  While there is no cure for Alzheimer's Disease or most other forms of dementia, there are lifestyle changes you can make which will reduce your risk.  No one wants to lose their memories as their age, so learn how you can protect your brain.

Responsible Computer Use After Retirement - Safety and Netiquette - If you are retired, are you spending your days sending out annoying emails to everyone on your contact list?  Do you put yourself at risk by failing to protect your privacy?  Learn how to use your computer responsibly, save your friendships, and protect yourself.

Dementia and Alzheimers Disease - Shocking Research from UCI - MIND - Based on a 2019 speech by the chairman of the University of California in Irvine's MIND program, this post goes into detail on the latest research on a wide range of topics related to dementia, including the status of their attempts to find a treatment, the financial impact on families, and the toll it takes on caregivers.  Since nearly every family with older members could eventually be impacted by this heartbreaking disease, this article could prove helpful to many people.

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