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Tellico Village Retirement Community

The picturesque Tellico Village Retirement Community on the shores of Tellico Lake near Knoxville, Tennessee is a fabulous retirement location for anyone who is looking forward to a wide array of recreational amenities after retirement. 

In addition to the clubs and social activities that residents enjoy at many active adult communities, Tellico Village also has three championship golf courses, a fitness center, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and country club and yacht club facilities that enhance the residents' enjoyment of the gorgeous lake that adjoins the property.  Best of all, it is located in the scenic state of Tennessee where residents can enjoy four seasons and hardwood forest.

Cost of Living in Tellico Village

The Tellico Village community was initially developed in 1986.  Today there are over 7000 residents in the retirement community who have a median income of $60,000 to $80,000.  The majority of them are living in homes that have typical values of about $200,000 to $350,000.  The community also has a slightly below average crime index.

Another factor that keeps the cost of living manageable is the fact that Tennessee has no state income tax.  However, like most states, there is a state sales tax.  According to the website, the property taxes on a typical $200,000 house would be less than $2000 a year.

Tellico Village Weather

Tellico Village offers a definite four seasons, including the opportunity to enjoy the colorful Tennessee fall foliage, shown in the attached photo.  In January, the temperature in nearby Knoxville ranges from an average low of 27 degrees to a high of 47 degrees.  In July, the average temperature ranges from a low of 68 degrees to a high of 87 degrees, perfect weather for summer boaters and golfers.

Enjoy a Convenient Lifestyle at Tellico Village

Tellico Village is located only about 35 minutes from downtown Knoxville, a small city of less than 200,000 residents, but large enough to provide easy access to shopping, the Knoxville airport, the University of Tennessee, the Knoxville Convention Center, a regional history museum, theaters, outdoor concerts, the Knoxville Opera Company, numerous art festivals and a wide assortment of restaurants and bars.

Boating at Tellico Lake

According to, Tellico Lake is one of the top lakes for recreational boaters.  The same website says that Tellico Village is one of the best places to live for people who enjoy water sports.  The waterfront availability and the ease of use by boaters is highly rated and, consequently, Tellico Lake is where most boat builders in the Knoxville, Tennessee area go to test their boats.  There is also excellent fishing available on the lake.

Bottom Line on Tellico Village

If you are dreaming of a retirement that involves boating as well as golfing and other outdoor activities, rural beauty with the convenience of a nearby large city, then Tellico Village is one of the premier active adult communities that you should consider.

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  1. This looks like a community to keep in mind. Especially being so close to all that Knoxville offers. Great report!

  2. We are going there in May to look it over. I will let people know what we find


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