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Niche Retirement Community for Rock and Roll Musicians

It is very rare for me to include a guest post on this blog.  However, this week a reader named CAD Man on the SodaHead website left a long comment at the end of my blog post on "Finding Niche Retirement Communities."  It was interesting enough that I thought it was worth it to offer it to my readers as a separate post.  Otherwise, very few readers would actually see a comment on a post that was written last spring.

The basis of his idea is the dream of creating a niche retirement community called "Rock Till Ya Drop."  I have included a link to help my interested readers find more information about it at the end of his guest post.

I'm not sure how he would go about buying and developing the land to create this niche retirement community.  When you read his full post, you will discover that he envisions homes, townhomes, condos and apartment houses, as well as restaurants, shops and bars.  It is a complex development. I know that my own brother-in-law, who is also an old rocker, used to spend a lot of time living in his RV at Slab City next to the Salton Sea in the Southern California desert.  There he was able to connect with many other Rock and Roll musicians and spend his winter evenings jamming with them.  However, Slab City is nothing compared to what CAD Man would like to create.

Perhaps one of the developers of niche retirement communities will see CAD Man's concept and decide to build a version of it.  If you think it is a place that sounds like the perfect retirement community for you, you may want to weigh in on it.

Keeping all this in mind, here's a re-print of the first part of the creative concept that CAD Man has for a retirement community that is sure to appeal to a certain niche market of Baby Boomers.  Out of respect for the SodaHead website, if you want to read more you will have to click on the link at the end of the post.  In addition, because CAD Man had reprinted his entire SodaHead post as a comment on my blog, I was forced to delete his comment from the Niche Retirement Community article to avoid accusations of plagerism.  However, I thought it was only fair to give CAD Man's idea a voice here.

The Rock Till Ya Drop Retirement Community

"We've been tossing around (for 6+ years) a concept for a retirement community called the 'Rock Till Ya Drop'

If you don't minding reading, you may find our thoughts interesting... enjoy.

Being a part-time musician and full-time lover of live music, I've been rolling this idea around in my head for the last 5 years and it's time to set it free... Why not band together with other musicians, artists, and anyone who truly loves live music and the arts to build the 'Rock Till Ya Drop' 55+ community (RTYD for short).

Here's the vision...

Build a small community (800-1000 residents) of various types of dwellings (single family homes, town homes, row homes, lofts, commune homes, and rental apartments) around an old-fashioned town square. The square would be built around a multi-purpose performance venue ..."

If you are interested in this niche retirement community, you can read more about it on SodaHead's webpage at:

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  1. This is an interesting concept. Hollywood has done a version of this for retired actors but certainly not the scope of CAD Man's ambitious vision.

  2. Good concept to pamper the old retired people. I like the way you entertain them.

    Thanks to doing this.

  3. Replies
    1. You are most welcome! I love the idea of this community, and your obvious enthusiasm. I am happy to publicize the information. Good luck with it!

  4. Wow! Great idea!, considering there are probably many, many of us out here wondering, "What to do?". I love it!

  5. I agree that many Baby Boomers would enjoy the concept of a special retirement community for lovers of Rock n' Roll. I hope they are able to get it off the ground!

  6. I think people who love Rock n' Roll would enjoy the activities or events here. Niche retirement communities is really nice because you get to surround yourself with people who you can relate to. I think people living in retirement communities new york would love to have activities that are related to their passion like music.

  7. At one time I wanted to buy an old four story building in the time I was it wasn't necessarily a retirement community, but a musician's liveable community. The Lobby floor would have sound proofed studio/rehearsal halls and the apartments in the floors above would be either rentals or condos. As I got older I thought of buying acreage and building individual condos around a community center/studio/creative center. I hope someone does this...I wanna live there!

  8. Tried to reply on Sodahead's page, but it wouldn't let me. The adult music camp business (1 week a year) is growing and thriving, so I think there is a definite market for a retirement community dedicated to performing musicians. It should not be limited to rock and roll. I think it is too ambitious to try to build a retirement community from scratch. I think he should find an existing retirement community that is reasonable in price, has a clubhouse that could be used for rehearsal space, and has lots of openings, ask the management to start marketing it as a musician retirement home, and get his core group of people to move in there. The place would need to be located in an area where people typically move to retire, such as Florida, so that you could get people from all over to come there. If the place is marketed well (so that interested people like me could find out about it), I think it would take off.

  9. Definitely a great place for rock and rollers

  10. I would love to live in a retirement community of rock and rollers, but I also like quiet times. Not sure if living in a community based on loud music would allow for a nap! Haha. Also, I hate golf, Golf is a good walk spoiled.

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