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Friday, November 12, 2021

Gifts Retirees Will Appreciate - Finding the Right Gift for a Senior

 Buying gifts for retirees and the older relatives in your family can be very difficult and frustrating.  Whether it is for a birthday, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas or another holiday, you may find it extremely difficult to come up with an idea, especially if it seems they already own so many things they are currently trying to give away!  

How can you find the perfect gift for a senior citizen in your family?  What do you think they will want or need?  What can you buy an older relative that will not end up being re-gifted or given away?  Here are some basic ideas to get you started, including links to some of the items to make it quick and easy for you to purchase them.  However, not all the gifts need to be purchased online.  Many of the gifts listed here are things you can purchase locally.

Art and Craft Supplies

Does your family member enjoy painting or making crafts?  Paints, canvasses and other art materials (Ad) can be very expensive. Some people actually give up their hobby because they cannot afford to keep purchasing the necessary materials.  If you know their favorite shop, you may want to purchase a gift certificate to it, especially if it is small, locally owned business.  In this way, you not only help your loved one, but also a small business.  If you know exactly what they want however, you can save them a trip to the store by purchasing it for them and having it delivered directly to their home.

Many seniors also enjoy paint-by-number kits, or adult coloring books, (Ad) as a way to enjoy creating works of art, even if they do not feel they are especially talented.  I have even seen some lovely paint-by-number works of art for sale at the art shows they hold in my retirement community.  Often they are spectacular when they are finished. A final thought in this category is to take one of their favorite finished paintings and have it framed for them, so they can hang it in their home and display it with pride. 

A Shopping Trip for their Favorite Clothing Items

My father only likes to wear long-sleeve Polo style shirts with a pocket on the chest.  Although he owns them in a variety of colors, over the course of a year they begin to wear out.  Replacing them regularly with new ones is a nice way to enable him to continue to wear his favorite clothing item.  Almost everyone has a certain type of clothing which they wear frequently, and needs replacing often.  Do they need new walking shoes, a jacket, a sun hat, gardening gloves, or similar useful items?  Many seniors go without because they do not have a lot of disposable income, or they do not know where to buy these things.  If possible, take them shopping, so they can pick out something they actually would enjoy wearing, and you know will fit them.  This also gives you some special time with them ... a gift they may appreciate as much or more than the actual gift itself.

Sports Equipment

Many retirees are still active and involved in sports for decades after they stop working.  You may need to quiz them a little, but find out if they need a new golf putter, a new tennis racquet, a paddle for the paddleball court, a badminton racquet or some other item they need to pursue their favorite sport.  Even grandchildren can buy grandpa a box of golf balls or a tube of tennis balls.  (Ad)  

Photo Gifts

One of our daughters purchased us an Aura digital picture frame, (Ad) which allows all of our daughters to upload photos directly to it, no matter where they are.  Now, we have a constant display of new and old photos appearing on the frame in our living room.  Our frame includes photos taken over 80 years ago of long deceased ancestors, as well as photos which were taken just a few days ago of our grandchildren.  We could watch the pictures glide by for hours!  We have it set so a new photo shows up every 15 seconds, but you can have your photos stay much longer before switching to a new one.

Other photo gifts a retiree might enjoy is a Polaroid camera (yes, they have begun making a new, improved version again) (Ad), or a photo album, especially if you give it to them already preloaded with a few pages of favorite family photos.  You can even send companies like Shutterfly a photo of a beloved family member or pet, and they can turn it into a special photo gift which they will cherish! 

Check out some of the photo gifts from my Etsy store, and see if one of them would be a good gift for someone in your family.  Here is a tote bag designed with a photo of the Canadian Rocky Mountains from Banff National Forest in Alberta, Canada.  

This is just one of the many gifts available for retirees and others on my Etsy store. You can find it here:  

Books and Magazines

Does your family member enjoying reading?  You could always purchase them the latest book (Ad) from their favorite author.  

However, has reading become more difficult for them because of vision problems?  Why not purchase them a membership to Audible? (Ad) For about $15 a month, they can download one book a month to their cell phone, laptop, tablet or similar device and listen to the books!  Many of the women in my book club use Audible and enjoy hearing their favorite books read by professional actors and actresses.  No one needs to give up reading, anymore, even if they have vision problems! Our daughter even listens to Audible books during her long commute. It is a terrific way to pass the time.

Consumable Items

Everyone has items which they love to use, but need to replace periodically.  This can include perfumes, after shave, make-up, face creams, favorite candy, wine, bourbon, and similar items.  Some of these items can be expensive to replace, so receiving them as a gift can be very meaningful to a retiree.  You might ask them, first, the brands of their favorite products, so you purchase them something they will actually enjoy. 

If they live in an Assisted Living community where their meals are provided, they still might want to keep a few favorite snack items in their private room.  Put together a care package of their favorite treats, including small boxes of cereal, bags of chips, fun size candy bars, and similar items.  They will love having something to snack on between meals!

Gift Cards

Gift cards to a favorite business can be a greatly appreciated gift.  Is going to Starbucks or some other coffee shop a special treat they often skip because they cannot afford it?  A gift card may be something which makes it easier for them to socialize with their friends.  Many senior citizens enjoy meeting friends at Starbucks, and other coffee shops like Coffee Bean, to get out of the house and chat.

Amazon cards (Ad) not only allow them to purchase whatever they want for themselves, but it also enables them to buy groceries in many parts of the country, by using Amazon Fresh or one of the other services they offer.  For a person who is skimping just to get by, this can be a greatly appreciated gift which enables them to buy their favorite foods.  If they are nervous about shopping for groceries at Amazon Fresh, help them get started.  It took me a couple of attempts to feel comfortable shopping for food online, but now I realize how much easier it has made my life!

Gifts to Avoid

Unless specifically requested, it is best to avoid things which most seniors do not need.  This would include decorative items for their home, such as new vases, dishes, picture frames, candles, collectibles, and any other items they have not specifically requested.  

In addition, do not give a gift of anything living which an elderly person may find challenging to take care of, unless they ask for it.  This means do not give them a plant, puppy, kitten or parakeet, unless they requested one and are involved in selecting it.  

Other things to avoid would be items which could involve using unfamiliar technology they are unprepared or unable to learn how to use.  A new cell phone, tablet, digital camera, computer game, or similar item might seem like a great idea to a young adult, but can end up being left in a closet or re-gifted to someone else by a senior who feels that using it will be too challenging.  

Technology Gifts Which Might Be Helpful

If you do purchase a technology gift, make sure it is something the recipient wants and will be able to use, with a minimum of assistance.  There are some "senior friendly" phones and other types of technology which can be a good choice.  

It took us a while to become accustomed to talking to our "Alexa" devices, (Ad) but now "she" turns on some of our lamps, reminds us when to take food out of the oven, and answers questions about the weather and other things.  Many seniors would enjoy having one, but be prepared to help them learn to use it. 

If you know someone who loves to garden, they might appreciate this lovely t-shirt with a photo I took of hydrangeas and the words "Happiness Blooms in my Garden."  There is also a matching coffee mug.  

You can find more gifts for retirees and others at my Etsy Store, DeborahDianGifts:

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gifts for Baby Boomer Mothers

Are you trying to decide what gift to give your Baby Boomer mother for her birthday, Mother's Day or some other special occasion?  I often hear younger adults complain that they can't decide what to give their mother ... saying things like: she has everything she needs, she can go shopping anytime she wants, I never know what to pick out for her, and so on.  If you are one of those people, here are some suggestions:


Moms love to see photos of their children and grandchildren.  You could always give a framed photo, of course.  However, you can also choose to be more creative.  Pull up a couple of dozen photos on your computer and use Snapfish or Shutterfly to create a photo album.  They'll even mail it directly to your mom for you.  You can also select from the the hundreds of items that can be imprinted with the photo of your choice ... coffee mugs, aprons, t-shirts, computer mouse pads, fleece blankets and more.  You'll bring a smile to your mom's face every time she sees your gift.

Birthstone Jewelry

Your mom may not need another piece of jewelry, but if you pick out a ring or necklace that has the birthstones for all her children or grandchildren, you will absolutely delight her.  Many jewelers, as well as online sites like and, sell customized birthstone jewelry.  You just need to tell them the birth months of the children or grandchildren, and they can deliver a piece of jewelry that contains all those different birthstones.  She'll love it because, whenever she gets a compliment, she will have an excuse to talk about each of her kids or grandkids!

Things She Will Use Up

If your mother truly has everything she needs, consider getting her something that she loves and regularly consumes.  You could pick out a box of her favorite candy, perfume, face cream, lotion or another item that she may run out of from time to time.  If you are choosing perfumes and cosmetics, however, just make sure you are picking out items that she actually does like and need.

Gift Certificates

Another popular choice that most mothers will love is gift certificates from Amazon, Macy's, Starbucks or their favorite store.   They come in all denominations, so you can get a card regardless of your budget.

The Gift of Time

Perhaps no gift is more valuable to a mom or grandmother than the gift of your time.  Invite her to lunch, or take her to a restaurant.  Go to a movie, museum, theater, ball game or concert together.  Whatever the two of you do, she will especially appreciate the gift of your time.  It doesn't matter whether the activity costs you very little.  The two of you can go on a relaxing walk at a nearby nature preserve.  Whatever you do, it is your time that she will remember the most. 

When I talk with my Baby Boomer friends, their favorite stories are the times they got to spend alone with one of their adult children.  Those days are so precious and rare, they are more valuable to moms than the most valuable gemstone.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gifts for Baby Boomers and Retirees

Photos are a thoughtful
gift for Baby Boomers!
Have you ever thought about how hard it is to buy gifts for Baby Boomers and retirees?  Most of us have trouble coming up with ideas for our Baby Boomer or retired spouses and friends.  Imagine how much more difficult it is for our children and grandchildren to come up with gift ideas for us.

Below are some suggestions that will help anyone who is trying to come up with gift ideas for retirees or anyone who is over the age of 50.

Photo Gifts for Baby Boomers

One ideal present that is sure to please is a photo gift.  This can consist of a framed family photo, a family history loving compiled into a photo album, or a favorite photo that has been printed onto an apron or coffee mug. There are lots of places where you can purchase gifts like this online.

If you are interested in some specific ideas about where to buy personalized photo gifts, you might want to check out my InfoBarrel article, "Thoughtful Photo Gifts for Mothers Day."  It gives you the names of several stores, as well as a variety of useful websites.

There are a number of excellent reasons why you may want to give a photo gift.  In fact, in a pamphlet I received from Prevention Magazine, they reported that researchers had discovered that looking at personal photos was one of the best natural mood enhancers.  Amazingly, spending time looking at personal photos worked better at elevating your mood than chocolate, wine, TV or music.  So, not only are you giving them a gift they'll love at the moment, but it will elevate their mood every time they look at it.  It's hard to find a better gift than that!

Hobby Gifts for Baby Boomers

Many people are struggle to afford their favorite hobbies after they retire because of the expense.  There are several ways you can help out.  You could have them give you a personal "wish list" or add items to a wish list to a website such as Amazon.  Then, you would know exactly which gifts they would most appreciate.  Or, if you would rather, you could give them a gift certificate to their favorite shop.  You could even give them a gift certificate to a place like a golf course or to go to a similar facility for a special day enjoying their favorite hobby.  Whatever decision you make, you know you will be giving them a gift that will delight them, as well as one they will enjoy over and over again, as long as they pursue their hobby.

Birthstone Jewelry Gifts for Baby Boomers

Grandparents often enjoy receiving a necklace, pendant or ring that has the birthstones of all their grandchildren.  It it a wonderful reminder of these beloved children, and an charming conversation piece.  In other words, when asked about their jewelry, they can use it as an opportunity to tell their friends a little about each of their grandchildren.  This is a piece of jewelry that they are certain to love!  If you aren't sure about what birthstones go with each month, you may want to read my InfoBarrel article, "Top 12 Birthstones and Their Historical Meaning."

Nostalgia Gifts for Baby Boomers

Another idea for Baby Boomers is to give them gifts that make it easier for them to recall their youth.  When I bought my husband an iPod for Christmas a few years ago, one of our daughters flew down from San Francisco to Southern California to help my husband load some of his favorite music from his teens and to show him how to use it.  Not only did we enjoy the impromptu visit from her, but he now loves using his iPod to listen to some of his favorite old music.

The Gift of Time

The above paragraph reminds me that one of the most precious gifts you can give a retiree is the gift of your time.  You could take them to lunch or to a movie.  Offer to take them shopping.  Spend the day with them at the beach or enjoying a sport or activity together.

You might also to perform some chores that need to be done around their house ... whether it is raking leaves, cleaning the gutter, trimming the hedges or painting a room.  Even giving their house a thorough cleaning could be an appreciated gift.

The Gift of Services

What if you would like to help out with those services mentioned above, but you cannot because of your own time constraints or physical health.  Why not give the gift of a service.  Hire a window washer, maid service, lawn service, or other helper for a day.

Many senior citizens would appreciate these types of helpful gifts ... whether you perform them yourself or pay someone else to do them!

More Useful Information for Baby Boomers

If you are over 50, and you are either retired or hoping to retire someday, use the tabs or pull down menu to find links to hundreds of additional articles about where to retire, family relationships, financial planning, health concerns and more.

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