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Gifts for Baby Boomer Mothers

Are you trying to decide what gift to give your Baby Boomer mother for her birthday, Mother's Day or some other special occasion?  I often hear younger adults complain that they can't decide what to give their mother ... saying things like: she has everything she needs, she can go shopping anytime she wants, I never know what to pick out for her, and so on.  If you are one of those people, here are some suggestions:


Moms love to see photos of their children and grandchildren.  You could always give a framed photo, of course.  However, you can also choose to be more creative.  Pull up a couple of dozen photos on your computer and use Snapfish or Shutterfly to create a photo album.  They'll even mail it directly to your mom for you.  You can also select from the the hundreds of items that can be imprinted with the photo of your choice ... coffee mugs, aprons, t-shirts, computer mouse pads, fleece blankets and more.  You'll bring a smile to your mom's face every time she sees your gift.

Birthstone Jewelry

Your mom may not need another piece of jewelry, but if you pick out a ring or necklace that has the birthstones for all her children or grandchildren, you will absolutely delight her.  Many jewelers, as well as online sites like and, sell customized birthstone jewelry.  You just need to tell them the birth months of the children or grandchildren, and they can deliver a piece of jewelry that contains all those different birthstones.  She'll love it because, whenever she gets a compliment, she will have an excuse to talk about each of her kids or grandkids!

Things She Will Use Up

If your mother truly has everything she needs, consider getting her something that she loves and regularly consumes.  You could pick out a box of her favorite candy, perfume, face cream, lotion or another item that she may run out of from time to time.  If you are choosing perfumes and cosmetics, however, just make sure you are picking out items that she actually does like and need.

Gift Certificates

Another popular choice that most mothers will love is gift certificates from Amazon, Macy's, Starbucks or their favorite store.   They come in all denominations, so you can get a card regardless of your budget.

The Gift of Time

Perhaps no gift is more valuable to a mom or grandmother than the gift of your time.  Invite her to lunch, or take her to a restaurant.  Go to a movie, museum, theater, ball game or concert together.  Whatever the two of you do, she will especially appreciate the gift of your time.  It doesn't matter whether the activity costs you very little.  The two of you can go on a relaxing walk at a nearby nature preserve.  Whatever you do, it is your time that she will remember the most. 

When I talk with my Baby Boomer friends, their favorite stories are the times they got to spend alone with one of their adult children.  Those days are so precious and rare, they are more valuable to moms than the most valuable gemstone.

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