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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Laguna Woods Village Statistics and Amenities

Laguna Woods Village, CA has numerous amenities.
When you are looking for a retirement community, it can sometimes be difficult to get specific information about it.  If you only go to their website, you will typically read an abundance of superlatives about how wonderful the community is, but find very few actual details.  As a result, when Laguna Woods Village in Orange County, California released a list of very specific statistics about the community, as of 2017, the information was exactly what potential residents would want to know if they were interested in living in this retirement community on the edge of Laguna Beach, California.  This information can also serve as a basis for potential retirees to compare the communities they are considering, even if Laguna Woods Village is not on their list.

Statistics About the Community of Laguna Woods Village

* Rated one of the Top Ten Retirement Communities in the U.S. in 2017 by
* Voted Best Senior Living Community in Southern California by the Orange County Register
* Built on 2,100 acres of rolling hills in Orange County, California
* Housing consists of 12,736 condos and co-ops with 94 different floor plans
* Most of the housing was built between the mid-1960s and the mid-1970's
* Many of the condos and co-ops have been extensively updated over the years
* Only a 10 minute drive to the beach from most parts of the community
* Averages 255 days of sunshine per year

Statistics About the Residents of Laguna Woods Village

* Average new resident is 66 years old, although many are in their 50s
* Average current resident is a median age of 76.7
* Approximately 18,500 residents live in the community
* Average of 1.45 residents per household
* Approximately 65% female and 35% male
* Approximately 96% have at least a high school diploma; 42% have a bachelor's degree or higher
* Median household income of $38,674 (in 2017)
* Median home value was $211,500 (in 2017), although home prices can range from below $150,000 to over $1,000,000

Race and Ethnicity in Laguna Woods Village

* White 87.3%
* Asian 10%
* Black 0.7%
* Other 0.6%
* American Indian 0.1%
* Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 0.1%
* Hispanic or Latino 4%

(I realize those numbers do not quite add up, but those are the figures they published.  I assume that the 4% of residents listed as Hispanic or Latino would also be included in the white category.)

Safety at Laguna Woods Village

* Lowest crime rate of ANY city in Orange County, California
* Guarded 24 hours a day with 14 security entrance gates
* Private security force which roams throughout community 24 hours a day
* Contract with Orange County Sheriff's Department to provide additional police services, as needed. 

Amenities in Laguna Woods Village

* Over 250 clubs and organizations, most with a full slate of activities
* 814 seat performing arts theatre with a wide variety of choices in entertainment
* Two professional golf courses - a championship 27-hole course and a 9-hole walking course
* Five swimming pools
* Equestrian center with 38 stalls for horses, a riding ring and guided trail rides; residents do not need to own a private horse in order to go on trail rides or take lessons
* Two community gardens with private plots which can be reserved by residents
* Transportation system with 8 fixed bus routes and on-demand rides to local retail, dining and medical facilities
* Community television channel with exclusive programming
* Three fitness centers; two are staffed by trainers
* Ten tennis courts
* Table tennis facility, pickleball courts, and archery facility
* Seven clubhouses including an American Contract Bridge League accredited facility
* College level extended learning classes on-site provided by the Saddleback College Emeritus program
* Three multimedia computer labs
* Professional workshops including facilities for jewelry making, slip casting, woodworking, ceramics, photography, sewing, painting and more.

If this sounds like a community which might appeal to you and your spouse, you may want to pay the community a visit.  There are a number of hotels in the area and most local Realtors would be happy to show prospective buyers around.  You can also sign up for one of the New Resident Orientation Meetings by making reservations at (949) 268-2337.

Even if you are considering a different retirement community, reviewing this list of amenities and activities can help you come up with a list of questions to ask the Realtor about the community you are considering.

If you are interested in an overview of retirement planning, watch for my book Retirement Awareness: 10 Steps to a Comfortable Retirement which will be published by Griffin Publishing in 2018.

If you would like more information about where to retire, financial planning, Social Security, Medicare, common medical problems, changing family relationships and more, use the tabs or pull down menu at the top of the page to find links to hundreds of additional articles.

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