Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving is said to be one of the favorite holidays for most Americans because it is simply a time we spend with our families.  There are no presents to purchase, no greeting cards to send, and most people look forward to the meal.  Thanksgiving also does not come with a lot of expectations regarding how you should spend the day.  Some people watch football on TV.  Others go to a movie.  This year there will even be a large number of consumers who will head to their favorite store to begin their Christmas shopping.

However, despite the generally laid back attitude about Thanksgiving, it will be still be a stressful time for many Baby Boomers.  Some of them will be torn between which child they will see this year.  Others will be depressed because they are far away from their children and grandchildren and will not get to see them at all.  Hurricane Sandy and other natural disasters during the past year has caused many Americans to unexpectedly be living in hotel rooms or other cramped quarters.  With the difficult times many Baby Boomers and their family members experienced during the past few years, a number of people will be depressed by their financial situtation, which may make it difficult for them to cook a large meal or enjoy the holiday.   Others may be saddened by the recent loss of a dear relative or friend.

For those of us who will be sitting down to a bountiful table covered with food and surrounded by family and friends, let us be grateful for what we have and remember those who are not so fortunate.  Let's enjoy our time together and not allow this special day to be spoiled by petty squabbles with relatives, or stress over creating the perfect meal.

If you are able to reach out to someone and lend a helping hand, please do so.  Invite that lonely friend.  Donate a turkey or canned goods to your local food bank.  Help serve a meal at a soup kitchen.  Even making a phone call to a relative who is unable to share the day with you will be greatly appreciated.

Are you estranged from one of your adult children or grandchildren?  You may find it helpful to read my blog post, "Healing Relationships with Your Adult Children."  In fact, even if you currently get along with your children, you may still find it helpful to read this short article so that you can minimize any stresses that do exist in your relationship and avoid future conflict with them.

I want to thank each of my readers for their continued support during 2012, and wish you all a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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  1. A beautiful message for Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season!


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