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Save Money with Senior Discounts

One way to save money is to take
advantage of sales and discounts!
Did you know that there are a large number of discounts available to senior citizens?  Although some individual companies have their own discount programs, one of the easiest ways to access a large number of different programs is to join AARP.  

Money is a major issue for the vast majority of retirees who are living on a fixed income.  As inflation eats away at their disposable income, more and more of us are looking for ways to save money.  Unfortunately, many of us don't even think to ask for some of the discounts that are available to us once we reach our 60s and, in some cases, even sooner.

When I received my new AARP card, they mentioned some of the discounts that are available simply by showing my card.  In addition, I thought about some of the other discounts I know about, and did a little research to find those that are new to me.  There's no way that any list here can cover all the possible discounts available.  Some discounts that are currently available could be discontinued or changed. In addition, some local businesses in your area may have savings programs that I don't know about.  To be on the safe side, always be sure to ask if there is a discount for people over 55.  Even if they tell you that you will have to wait until you are 60 or 62, at least you'll know.  If they act surprised that you're even asking, take it as a complement.  It means that they don't think you look old enough for a senior discount!

Here are a few of the discounts that I have found.  Check with businesses in your area and compile a list of discounts at businesses you use frequently.  Keep the list tucked in your wallet, and you are less likely to forget about a discount when you are eating out or shopping.

Denny's Restaurant - 20% off evenings w/AARP card (55+)
Applebee's - 15% off w/Golden Apple Card (60+)
Ben & Jerry's - 10% off (60+)
Burger King - 10% off (60+)
CiCi's Pizza - 10% off (60+)
Fuddrucker's - 10% off senior platters (55+)
IHOP - 10% off (55+)

Banana Republic - 10% off (50+)
Big Lots - 10% off
Goodwill - 10% one day a week (day varies)
Kmart - 20% off (50+)
Salvation Army Thrift - up to 50% off (55+)
Rite Aid drug store - (20% off on the first Wednesday of the month)

Amtrack - 15% off (62+)
Avis - up to 25% for AARP members
Best Western - 10% off (55+)
Comfort Inn - 20% - 30% off (60+)

AMC Theaters - up to 30% off (55+)
U.S. National Parks - $10 lifetime pass (62+)

There are many other restaurants, hotels, car rental companies and theaters that offer discounts.  Don't forget to ask at the local businesses that you patronize.  You will be glad you did!  In addition, if you see a discount mentioned here that has been discontinued, please mention it in the comments section.  I will delete it from the article.  Feel free to also add any of your favorite discounts as an aid to others.

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  1. Thanks for bringing these discounts to our attention. It's hard to believe people would not take advantage of them because they really add up. Regal Cinemas (former Edwards Cinemas) also has senior discounts. Not only that, they offer a Regal card where you build points and get free movie tickets and free items from the concession stand. This is for everyone not just seniors. I stand in line for tickets and am amazed by how many people have not applied for the card. It's especially surprising when you see families with children. They could be reaping so many benefits! In this economy, every bit helps.


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