Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wishing You The Miracles of the Holidays

Happy Holidays
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During this time of family gatherings, hectic shopping, and (let's face it) holiday stress, I hope you each are able to take a moment to sit in quiet contemplation of the past year.

Many people have suffered losses, divorces, and the deaths of loved ones.  At the same time, others have started new adventures, married, given birth to children and graduated from school.

For most of us, the year has been a combination of both good and bad; triumph and disappointment.  No matter how the year has been for you, I hope this holiday weekend is a time of caring, sharing, healing and forgiveness for you and your loved ones.

Whatever your religion, and however you celebrate, may you be blessed this season with the comfort of those you love, the laughter of people you care about, and gratitude for the gift of being alive to enjoy the present moment.
Happy Holidays
from My Family to Yours

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