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Copy a Photo Album as a Unique Gift

Photo Albums Make Cherished Gifts
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Photo albums are often passed down through families, lovingly enjoyed by future generations for decades.  In fact, owning the photo album of a favorite or famous relative can even cause family conflict, when everyone wants to own the album after the relative's death.

However, thanks to color copiers, this no longer needs to be a problem.  One of the most cherished gifts you can give someone you love is a copy of a favorite family photo album.

Give the Gift of a Copied Photo Album

Below are examples of some of the ways I gave photo album gifts to our adult children and other relatives.

*  Eight years ago, I made color copies of the baby books I had put together when my adult children were infants, inserted the copied pages into new photo albums, and gave them each a copy of their baby books.

*  When our children were in elementary school, I decided years ago to make a photo album of the school photos and major events in their lives.  I gave our daughters a copy of my photo album about each of them as a Christmas gift five years ago.

*  Four years ago, I made color copies of my Christmas photo album for each adult child.  This photo album contained copies of all our holiday photos, Christmas cards and Christmas newsletters for the past 40 years.  All of our daughters now have a brief history of our family.

*  My father-in-law was an Olympic gold medal winner in the 1920's.  He received a number of other sports honors as well.  I put together an album containing copies of a variety of his sports memorabilia and gave it to my daughters, as well as my nephew who was also descended from him.

*  When my sister-in-law was in a flood and lost most of her childhood photos, I copied photographs that my husband had from their childhood, and put together a photo album for her.

Why Photo Albums are Ideal Gifts

Of all the gifts that I have passed on to our children over the years, I'm sure the photo albums will be the gifts that they will hold onto the longest.  In fact, these are the gifts most likely to be passed on to their own children and grandchildren.

There are other reasons for sharing these photo albums.  If we ever have a house fire I know that all the treasured family photos of the past will not be lost.  In addition, during these times when so many people store their photos on their computers, it is nice to have a real photo album that you can enjoy with your grandkids, while you share stories about their ancestors with them. 

Knowing that I will share our photos with the rest of the family has also encouraged me to look for new photo album ideas.  For example, a photo album of all their grandkids went to my parents;  other small photo albums have been sent to family members.  It seems there is always someone who would enjoy having some of our old family photos.

If you are looking for loving and unique gift ideas, the easiest and most thoughtful gift of all may simply be giving a loved one a color copy of a cherished family photo album!

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