Monday, November 21, 2011

Gratitude at Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving to all Baby-Boomers!

Times have been tough for many Baby Boomers during the past few years.  However, it is important to take a few minutes at Thanksgiving to remember all the aspects of our lives for which we can be grateful.

For many of us, our families are extremely important.  Yes, we may have spoiled our children and grandchildren, or disagreed from time to time with their decisions, but we still delight in watching them grow and mature.  Our family dinners may not be as formal as the ones our parents prepared, but we still enjoy getting everyone together for a holiday meal, or even to just gather around the television and watch a good holiday movie or football game.  Despite all the ups and downs of family life, we love our own families the best.

We also can be grateful for the amazing lives that many of us have lead.  We have traveled more widely than any generation before us.  We have seen inventions that seemed inconceivable when we were young.  We have witnessed major transformations in our society as far as the acceptance of different races and religions within our communities.

The majority of Baby Boomers have also had the opportunity to own at least one home during their lifetime.  They have been able to indulge themselves in ways that their parents could never even imagine, with everything from big screen TVs to home computers and amazing cell phones.

According to the federal website, Baby Boomers have made meaningful contributions to our nation.  About one-third of Baby Boomers volunteer for a formal organization each year; on average we each volunteer about 51 hours a year.  Baby Boomers actually increase the amount of time they spend volunteering during the years immediately after they retire.  We enjoy giving back to our communities and trying to improve life for future generations.  Boomers have a lot to be proud of! 

When I look around at my family, my quality of life, the places where I have traveled, and the ways in which I have served my own community, I feel very grateful for the life I have lived.  Consequently, when I wake up on Thanksgiving morning, I want to start the day off by saying “I have been blessed beyond measure.”  Because, despite all the ups and downs of the economy, as well as the disappointments and setbacks I have faced over the years, I am still able to feel truly blessed by this wonderful life that I have lead!  I hope you will, too.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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