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New Rules for Grandparents of New Babies

 New Rules for Changing Diapers!
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Are you about to babysit for a new grandchild for the first time?  Or, are you about to become a grandparent?  If so, be prepared for some careful instructions from your adult children.  New research over the past 20 years has created several changes in the way we need to care for those precious grandchildren, and their parents will want you to educate yourselves, and heed this new advice.

Yes, somehow we managed to raise our own kids without knowing about all this research.  However, if you want to get along well with the parents of that new baby, you had better be willing to learn this updated information.  It is one of the best ways you can begin to build rapport within your growing family.

Here are some of the changes that have been made to parenting guidelines since we were raising our own children:

Make sure your whooping cough shot is current.  Many pediatricians are telling young parents not to let anyone around their newborn who does not have a current whooping cough vaccine, and this remains true for the first year of a child's life, until they are vaccinated themselves.

Do not put a baby to sleep on its tummy.  This increases the chances of sudden infant death syndrome.  Instead, doctors recommend that babies be put to sleep on their backs.

Do not use talcum powder when you change a diaper.  New parents now use diaper cream, instead.

Don't push the new parents to begin feeding the baby cereal when they are only a few weeks old. Evidence indicates that babies are better off waiting until they are about six months old to begin eating cereal or other solid foods.

Take a grandparenting class.  Many hospitals now offer grandparenting classes for the parents and in-laws of expectant mothers.  Find out if one is offered in your area, and take it.  It doesn't matter how many children you have already raised.  Just showing up for the class will enhance your relationship with the new mother, and increase her confidence in your willingness to be a supportive grandparent who will encourage her, rather than try to undermine her.

Learn how to install a car seat in an automobile correctly.  They can be very tricky, and you want to make sure you do it right.  The last thing you want to have happen is for the child and the car seat  to flip over if you need to slam on your brakes!

Finally, the most important thing you can do is learn to curb your tongue.  You may not agree with everything the new parent does.  However, if you want to maintain good family relationships, and get to really enjoy spending time with your grandkids, make a sincere effort not to make suggestions.  They will be considered criticisms, no matter how gentle you try to be!

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  1. There's a fine line to walk when you're a grandparent. Some of today's practices may seem a little odd or excessive by baby boomer standards. No powder? Did not know that. Good info here.


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