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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Important Dates for Baby Boomers in 2014

As we begin a new year, many of us are already entering significant dates into our calendars for 2014.  While, of course, you will want to make sure that you have birthdays, vacations and holidays entered into your calendar, here are a few more dates that you will not want to forget:

January 1 - Your new insurance plan will have gone into effect, if you made a change to your Medicare plan during the open enrollment period in 2013, or if you purchased a new health plan through one of the Affordable Care Act health insurance exchanges (which is true for tens of thousands of younger spouses of Medicare recipients.)

February 2 - Super Bowl XLVIII (You did want to know that, didn't you?)

February 7 - The Olympics begin in Sochi, Russia

March 31 - Open enrollment ends for the health insurance exchange.  After March 31, you can only enroll without penalty if you have a major life event, such as a job loss, divorce or birth of a child.  However, if one of these events does happen in your life, it is important to remember that you will now be entitled to purchase health insurance through one of these online marketplaces and, if the major life event has also caused a substantial decrease in your income, you may qualify for financial assistance to pay for the new health insurance policy.

April 15 - The last day to file your 2013 tax returns, unless you file for an extension.

Mid-summer - If you still work and pay into Social Security, while collecting it at the same time, your Social Security benefits should be adjusted mid-summer.  If you don't get an adjustment and you expect one, you can go into your local Social Security office and request it.

September 7 - Grandparents Day!  It's nice to have our own special day, isn't it?

Mid-October - The Social Security Administration will anounce the cost-of-living adjustment for 2015.

October 15 - Open enrollment begins for both Medicare and the health insurance marketplace exchanges.  If you are unhappy with your current insurance carrier, you can make a change during the open enrollment period.  You will not have to worry about pre-existing conditions, which has kept many people from changing insurance carriers in the past.

November 4 - Federal elections.  Even though 2014 is not a presidential election year, this will be a major election.  Americans will be voting on all 435 members of the House of Representatives, 33 of the 100 members of the Senate, and 36 state governors.  No matter which party you support, this election will be significant since it could result in a change in the current balance of power.

December 7 - Open enrollment ends for both Medicare and health insurance policies purchased through the health insurance exchanges. 

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