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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Life Alert Bracelets for Peace of Mind

Life Alert can help you worry less
about elderly family members.
Although Baby Boomers have begun to turn 65, most of us do not feel as though we need any help taking care of ourselves.  We travel, live in our homes, walk our dogs and often hold down jobs without any difficulty.  Many of us feel healthy and in the prime of our lives.

Why People Need Medical Alert Bracelets

However, some of us may have elderly parents, aunts and uncles or other relatives who are still alive and living alone.  If they are not in an assisted living facility where someone checks on them several times a day, they could fall, faint or have a heart attack and days could pass before anyone realizes there is a problem.  I have a friend whose elderly aunt fell and was injured.  It was several days before she was found on the floor of her bedroom, dehydrated and in pain.

Even Baby Boomers are not always in perfect health. By the time we have reached our 60's, there are many Boomers who are facing serious health problems, such as diabetes, that could cause us to need emergency medical care.

As someone who lives in a senior community, I often worry about some of my friends and neighbors who live here.  Many of them live alone.  Although most of them are active and busy, days could go by before I might realize that I hadn't seen them recently.  Since I don't go door to door in my neighborhood checking on people, there is no way that I would know if a neighbor was inside their home, sick or injured.

How Loved Ones Can Be Protected

Because of these common worries, the Life Alert company and several other manufacturers have come up with medical alert bracelets that seniors can wear.  They need only push a button in order to summon emergency help.   Another type of bracelet that is popular is the GreatCall medical alert system that can be ordered on Amazon or directly from the company.  You may want to do a little comparison shopping and see which system will work best for you.

I know it would bring me peace of mind to know that more of my neighbors used one of these services.

If you are interested in learning more about the different emergency services for seniors offered by the Life Alert company, you may also want to read this article, written by a friend whose grandmother actually uses the service:

Hopefully, you can make sure the people who live alone in your family are safer because they use one of these services.

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