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Friday, March 31, 2023

Be Brave - Lose the Beige - Finding Your Sass After Sixty - A Book Review

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As a retirement blogger, I am often asked to review more retirement books than I can possibly read.  However, when I was asked to review the new book, "Be Brave. Lose the Beige! Finding Your Sass After Sixty,"  I was immediately charmed by the title. 

Most of us, after a certain age, feel pulled between "acting our age" and wanting to still feel free to kick up our heels and enjoy the remaining decades of our life.  How often have we been told that older women should not wear short skirts, low cut blouses, colorful clothing, big earrings, or anything that brings attention to us?  I was curious to read what the author of this book, Liz Kitchens, had to say about brightening our lives instead of muting ourselves as we age.

In the opening pages, I loved how she refers to our generation of women as "Lady Boomers."  What a great description!  This book "began as a blog and evolved into stories that chronicle how creative thinking helped this baby boomer cope with Empty Nest Syndrome, navigate sex over sixty, and transition from being "outtasight" to being literally out of sight."

Doesn't that description already make you want to order a copy of "Be Brave - Lose the Beige"? (Ad)

Chapter Titles Sure to Pique Your Interest:

The Creativity Evangelist

The 'Tweener Generation

Brother Time and Sister Space: Navigating Life's Transitions

Your Rx for Aging

Gummies, Pets and Ex-husbands

The Power of the Purse

The Reluctant Angel

Great Grand Parenting (One of my favorite chapters)

Caregivers Living in Color

What's Next, Boomer?

Each chapter ends with a special "Exercise Your Creativity" idea to help you apply the message in that chapter to your own life.  

The book is full of practical suggestions for managing your relationship with your recently retired spouse, your adult children, and your grandchildren, while maintaining your own identity and enjoying your life.  It also talks about being more selective in your friendships, so there is better balance in your relationships.  In other words, you can learn how to help others, while maintaining boundaries and not allowing yourself to be consumed by the needs of other people in your life.  It is not easy, but this book will help get you started in the right direction.

The BBLB Manual of Maxims

The book ends with a list of maxims which the author suggests for Lady Boomers.  She also recommends that you add a few of your own.  After all, you are trying to learn to think and live more creatively, not just follow someone else's set of rules!

She has written 35 Maxims.  Here are five maxims I particularly liked, but you will probably have your own favorites:

Breaking little rules is empowering

Don't let kid demands derail the pursuit of your passions

Seek out the silver linings

Avoid becoming someone's oxygen tank

Take calculated risks

If you liked these five maxims, you are sure to like the rest of the list.

Set Aside Time to be Charmed

I was delighted by reading "Be Brave - Lose the Beige."(Ad)  Many of the retirement books I am asked to review are very dry manuscripts about financial planning, rescuing your finances, and taking care of your health.  There is nothing wrong with these books.  Those are important topics for retirees.  However, this book is a delight to read, talks about your relationship with others, and will change your relationship with yourself!  Enjoy it! 

From the Amazon Reviews:

"Be Brave. Lose the Beige! started as a blog and morphed into a movement. This movement gently pokes fun at ageist rules and expectations. It says “yes” when the rest of the world keeps saying “no.” 

"The stories and creative techniques outlined in this book are guaranteed to introduce color, sass, and a lightness of spirit into your later years. Are you ready to start coloring outside the lines, even if a few pesky rules get trampled in the process?"

About the Author:

Liz Kitchens conducts workshops and seminars on creativity, is the founder of "What’s Next Boomer?" and of the website, "Be Brave. Lose the Beige," which focuses on issues facing women of the baby boomer generation. She is also a contributing writer for the online magazine, "Sixty and Me," for the over-60 crowd.  She is an insightful and interesting writer. 


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