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Sunday, October 29, 2023

Go Back to College During Retirement and Reignite Your Life!

Saddleback College, a community college in South Orange County, California, offers an educational emeritus program for people over the age of 55 in our area.  Free emeritus classes are offered on their campus and in Senior Centers and clubhouses all over the South County region, but particularly in Laguna Woods, the retirement community where we live.  The college offers classes in accounting, art, pottery, health, history, music, technology, photography, political science, Spanish, theater and many other topics.  

However, like many other colleges and universities across the U.S., our local colleges also offer degree programs, available for a fee, which enable local residents of all ages the opportunity to go back to college and get trained in a new field, either to advance their career opportunities or for personal enrichment.

Because thousands of people over the age of 55 are taking advantage of the opportunity to go back to college during their "Golden Years," I was delighted to receive this guest post by Kimberly Hayes on the advantages of pursuing more education as we age.  Her article is below:

Reignite Your Golden Years: Benefits of Academic Pursuits in Retirement

by Kimberly Hayes

The notion that education is solely for the young is swiftly becoming outdated. An increasing number of retirees are choosing to head back to the classroom to enrich their lives further, either by taking in-person or virtual classes. This article sheds light on the multiple advantages of resuming academic or skill-based learning during one's retirement years.

Sharpening the Mind

Aging can sometimes be accompanied by a slow decline in cognitive abilities. Going back to educational settings helps combat this by continually stimulating the brain. This mental exercise not only preserves memory but also enhances your critical thinking ability.

Tackling new subjects and solving problems serves as mental gymnastics that keep your mind agile and alert. The benefits are twofold: enhancing your mental health, while also acquiring new knowledge.

Navigating the Virtual Classroom

The beauty of modern education lies in its accessibility. Virtual classrooms make it simpler than ever to learn from the comfort of your home, a boon for retirees who may have mobility concerns or who do not live close to a college or university.

Web-based courses in areas such as marketing are a good fit, as they provide an avenue to earn a bachelor's degree in business while enjoying the retirement lifestyle. The flexibility of online programs makes it possible to juggle leisure time and academic goals.

Shifting Professional Gears

Contrary to popular belief, retirement doesn't have to mean the end of professional pursuits. Some individuals find it the perfect time to switch careers or become consultants.

Going back to school equips you with the necessary skills and qualifications to make such transitions smoother. Whether it's obtaining certifications or completing degree programs, education serves as the stepping stone to new vocational adventures.

Staying Ahead in the Digital World

Today's world is tech-centric, and being disconnected from it can be isolating. Returning to educational settings offers retirees like yourself the chance to catch up on the latest technological advancements.

From using modern software tools to understanding data security, these skills can prove to be invaluable in everyday life. Tech-savviness yields a wealth of practical benefits while creating a sense of relevance and connection to the modern world.

Nurturing Connections

Schools and educational institutions are hubs of social activity, making them ideal venues for meeting new people. The sense of community that forms in these settings offers you the chance to forge meaningful relationships.

These connections—whether with fellow students, educators, or guest speakers—can add another layer of richness to your life. From friendships to networking, the social benefits of returning to education are as substantial as the academic ones.

Finding Joy in Learning

Let's not forget that learning can be fun! The absence of academic pressure allows you to explore subjects purely out of interest or passion.

Studying art history, learning to code, or exploring world religions are a few of the many subjects to consider; the joy of gaining new knowledge is a reward in itself. This personal motivation often leads to higher levels of commitment and satisfaction.

Broadening Intellectual Horizons

While professional skills and tech-savviness are important, the true beauty of education lies in its ability to broaden your understanding of the world. Returning to school can become a journey of intellectual enrichment. Diving deep into your subjects of interest can yield insights into the world and its workings, which can make your life more meaningful and fulfilling.

Retirement doesn’t signify the end of growth; rather, it offers a new beginning—a chance to redefine yourself through the power of education. Whether it's to stay mentally active, prepare for a career transition, or simply enjoy the pleasure of learning, going back to school can give your golden years a renewed sense of purpose and joy. So why let the learning stop when life has so much more to offer?

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