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Friday, October 21, 2011

Crafts to do with Your Grandkids

Beaded Star
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What types of activities do you enjoy doing with your grandkids?  While it is fun to read them stories, or even watch a movie together, you may also have unique talents and abilities that your grandchildren would love to have passed on to them.

One of our grandsons recently got a metal detector and he loves using it to explore the beach. When the detector indicated the presence of metal, he was having trouble sifting through the sand to uncover his discovery.  My husband took both our grandson and granddaughter to the hardware store, bought a piece of screen and then, together, they attached the screen to some scrap pieces of wood to make a sand sifter.  The grandkids love it!  My husband has also taken them fishing, and shown them how to carve pieces of drift wood.  We've also taught them how to crack eggs and make their own scrambled eggs.  Basic sewing skills are also being passed on.

When they were growing up, I taught my daughters how to crochet.  In coming years, I hope that at least one of my granddaughters will show an interest in it, too.  It is an easy and relaxing hobby. 

However, I am not ready to stop with just the simple homemade crafts that I already know how to do.  I have been scouting around for more ways to spend fun winter afternoons with my grandkids.  Recently I saw a wonderful craft website that is loaded with ideas for making beaded jewelry, painted t-shirts, easy napkin rings and simple flower arrangements.  If you are looking for some creative ways to have fun with your grandkids, you might check out  For example, I love her Stained Glass Cuff bracelet, which can be made using safety pins, stretchy cord and colorful beads.  You can see a photo of it below and get detailed instructions at  Both boys and girls will enjoy this craft, since the bracelets make wonderful gifts for mothers and grandmothers!  You'll find detailed directions for lots of other crafts on the site, too.
Easy Stained Glass Bracelet
photo by Domestic Diva Online

In addition to crafts you might find online, think about all those simple things you enjoyed doing as a child.  Whether you liked making hooked rugs and potholders, decorating gingerbread houses, beading felt Christmas ornaments (like the one pictured above) or designing simple doll clothing, your grandchildren would probably enjoy doing the same things.  These crafts make it possible for children to create gifts for their families and friends, and is time much better spent than playing video games!

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