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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Best Cold Climate Areas for Retirement

Are you willing to live in a cold climate when you select your ideal retirement community?  While many people think of Florida or Arizona as the sunny, warm spots where they want to live, other people are more interested in issues such as affordable housing, low taxes, generous long-term care benefits from Medicaid and the possibility of working for at least some of the years after they turn 60.  In addition, they may want to live in senior-friendly small towns with less traffic and low crime.

In November, 2014, Money Magazine offered their list of the "Best Places to Retire," based on criteria that did not factor in the weather.  As a result, they came up with choices that are different from the typical list of retirement locations which we frequently see listed.  All of these places get snow and icy weather.  However, as a trade-off, they have other qualities that may be more important to many retirees. 

Money Magazine divided their choices into the three categories shown below:

Most Affordable Place to Retire

Bella Vista, Arkansas - With a median home price of about $100,000 and a median rent of $900, as well as low property taxes, this is the most affordable place to retire on their list.  In addition, for a low monthly fee of under $25 a month, homeowners can use seven golf courses, as well at the town's swimming pools, tennis courts, and fitness facilities.  There are lakes, streams, forests and walking trails.  One aspect of this town that is particularly appealing is the fact that 52% of the residents are over age 50.  In addition, there is a strong job market for people who want to continue to work.

Runner ups:  Sioux Falls, S.D. and Morgantown, W. VA.

You can read more about the selection of the above locations in these articles:

Best Place for a Second Career

Iowa City, Iowa - For people over 60 who want to remain engaged in the workforce, this town has an unemployment rate of only 3.1%.  The largest employer is the University of Iowa, which attracts people who have retired from other universities, as well as those who have worked in the corporate world.  Approximately 23% of the population is over the age of 50.  Median home prices are about $191,000.

Runners up:  Bozeman, Montana and Casper, Wyoming

You can read more about the selection of Iowa City and Bozeman below:

Best Place for a Well-Rounded Retirement 

Northfield, Minnesota - If you are looking for moderate home prices, good health care, job opportunities and a small town feel, this community may be your best choice.  About 29% of the population is over the age of 50.  It is located only 55 miles from the world-acclaimed Mayo Clinic.  The median home price is $200,000.  The town has two colleges, which gives retirees the opportunity for continuing education classes.  It is also possible to enjoy live theater, orchestra performances, choral groups, and more. 

Runners Up:  Bellingham, Washington and Manchester, New Hampshire

You can learn more about Northfield below: 

As mentioned earlier, these communities will not be at the top of the list for people who are looking for a warm, sunny place to retire.  However, for those who are looking for other amenities during their retirement years, such as affordable housing, low crime, low traffic, and interesting activities, the above list above may give them some great places to start their search for the perfect retirement community that meets their needs.

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