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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gavilan for Retirees in Rancho Mission Viejo, California

With the incredible number of Baby Boomers who are reaching age 65 (approximately 10,000 a DAY), the need for retirement housing is immense and growing larger all the time.  Consequently, a number of home builders have stepped up to build senior housing in a wide variety of price ranges.  Here in Southern California, retirees frequently want to stay in the area and, fortunately, there are a plethora of options available to them ... from Palm Springs to the Pacific coast (shown in this photo).

Until recently, those residents who wanted to live in a senior community in Orange County were limited primarily to older communities.  Now, however, there is a new option for home buyers.

Gavilan in Rancho Mission Viejo

One of the newer communities that is gaining in popularity in Orange County, California is the gated senior community of Gavilan in Rancho Mission Viejo.  There are three builders who are developing Gavilan, each offering their own styles and price options:

Standard Pacific Bungalows - 2 bd/2 bath/2 car garages - $500,000 - $600,000

Standard Pacific Casitas - 2 bd/2 bath/2 car garages - $600,000 - $700,000

Shea Single Family Homes - 2 bd/ 2 1/2 bath/2 car garages - $750,000 - $850,000

Del Webb Single Family Homes - 2-3 bd/2 1/2 bath/2 car garages - $800,000 - $900,000+

This gives home buyers a variety of options whether they can afford to spend $500,000 or twice that amount.

Amenities at Gavilan

Most of the new, modern homes in Gavilan are one story, with the exception of a few styles for those retirees who prefer the two-story option.  Among the green amenities you can expect in your home are: tankless water heaters, Energy Star appliances, water-efficient fixtures, weather sensing sprinklers, extra insulation and high efficiency air-conditioning systems.

The homes in this community surround the beautiful adult rec center known as the Hacienda.  Built around a luxurious salt water pool and spa, the Hacienda has a large, open great-room with a giant flat screen TV and a staffed bar, which makes it an excellent spot to mingle with your neighbors.  The Hacienda also contains a yoga studio, a fitness center, a barbecue area and bocce ball courts.

The community is located just off the Ortega Highway, a short distance east of the coastal community of charming San Juan Capistrano.  

Learn More about Gavilan at Rancho Mission Viego:

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lennar, Pulte and Centerline Multigenerational Homes

When I sold real estate in Texas in the 1990's, I occasionally had buyers who were looking for homes with mother-in-law suites or separate living quarters for their retired parents.  In those days, multi-generational homes were more difficult to find.  Often they were simple houses with traditional floorplans that with a small addition added on or a section of the home that had been partitioned off.  Frequently, these additions felt like an afterthought. Sometimes they were poorly adapted to the needs of aging seniors. However, in the years since that time, the demand for these homes has increased significantly and home builders are taking the lead in satisfying the need.

When people looked for mother-in-law suites in the past, their reason was obvious.  They needed a place where their elderly parents could live with them comfortably, while everyone maintained their own privacy.  Today, in addition to needing separate living accommodations for an older generation, a small apartment off the main house may be a blessing if you have adult children who return home frequently to visit. In addition, some people may want separate living quarters if they get a lot of out-of-town visitors.  No matter why you want a multigenerational home, several builders are now offering new designs to meet the demand.

New Home Designs by the PulteGroup

PulteGroup builds a variety of new home communities, not only under the name of Pulte but also as Centex and Del Webb.  They have come up with several designs that will comfortably accommodate an older relative, young adult or visiting guest.  According to an article entitled "New Models for Retirement Living: Sharing a Home With Friends or Family" in the May/June 2013 edition of Where to Retire Magazine, the author indicates that Pulte has even done their own research on this topic.  As a result, this company has learned that about 15 percent of potential buyers who have living parents already have that parent living with them.  About 30 percent of buyers with a living parent eventually expect to share their house with that parent.

Because of this research, Pulte has created a variety of floorplan choices that range from homes with dual master bedrooms to houses with two entirely separate entrances and kitchens.  In other cases, they simply took one of their traditional floorplans, and made the homes a bit larger, especially in the main living areas such as the kitchen and family room, so these houses can comfortably accommodate extra people.

My husband and I have visited one of the Del Webb Sun City models and we were particularly impressed by the Socialite floor plan which contains a small, separate apartment.  The plan is simple. At the front of the house a small wing juts forward toward the street.  It is just large enough for a large room with a private bath and walk-in closet.  This space has both a private entrance from the outside as well as an optional door that leads directly into the bedroom wing of the main house.  The space is large enough that one of our adult daughters, who was single at the time, immediately told us we should move there because she would love to stay in this private apartment off the main house.  (Honestly, I wasn't sure whether or not it would be an advantage to have a place that was so attractive to our adult children!)  However, if one of my elderly parents moved in with us, the place would be ideal. 

Next Gen Models by Lennar Homes

Lennar also has a special line of multigenerational homes that they call their Next Gen models.  These homes have two separate living areas, including a small kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom and living room in the secondary space.  Lennar has built models in Arizona, California and Florida.  This small "home within a home," as they refer to it, provides ideal living space for a family member who will be living with you permanently, as well as guest space for occasional visitors.

Depending on the location, some of these Lennar homes can be surprisingly affordable.  For example, some of their Next Gen homes in Bakersfield, California can be purchased for under $300,000, a reasonable price, especially if two or more generations are sharing the cost.

Generation Y and B Models by Centerline 

Centerline Homes has also developed their own designs for multigenerational homes.  Their Generation Y homes have a separate casita or cottage for adult children who move back home.  The Generation B model is for aging Baby Boomers.  This design contains a private apartment with a kitchenette. This private apartment is connected to the main house in order to make it comfortable and convenient for elderly relatives.  Of course, some aging parents might prefer the separate cottage rather than the apartment in the main house.  Either plan gives you some workable options for multigenerational living.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Over 55 Retirement Communities by Del Webb

If you are looking for a retirement community in the coming years, one over-55 community builder that should be on your list is Del Webb.  This company is one of the top developers of retirement communities in the United States with attractive homes and amenities that appeal to many retirees.  Before my husband and I chose our current retirement community, we looked at some very appealing Del Webb communities.  While we were just looking in the Southern California area, I was surprised to learn that Del Webb builds retirement homes across the United States.  Consequently, I thought my readers would like to know more about what these communities have to offer.

Locations Where You Can Find a Del Webb Retirement Community

Del Webb has retirement communities in Northern California, Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts and Connecticut.  As you can see, they are not limited just to the Sun Belt.  They have communities in nearly every region of the United States.

Typical Community Amenities

A typical Del Webb retirement community has a large, beautiful clubhouse, swimming pools, tennis courts, clubs, classes, social events and volunteer opportunities.  Many of them also have golf courses.  These communities are designed to help residents lead an active lifestyle after retirement.

Examples of  Del Webb Retirement Communities

Below you will find information on two retirement communities that were built by Del Webb, with homes built by Pulte, the major home builder that owns Del Webb.  This will give you an idea of prices, sizes and community amenities.

Solera Diamond Valley in Hemet, California

Prices in this community range from about $225,000 to $350,000.  Homes range in size from 1511 to 2340 square feet and have two to three bedrooms and bathrooms.  Community amenities include a fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools, indoor walking track, courts for tennis, bocce ball and pickle ball, hobby rooms, clubs and classes.

Sun City Shadow Hills in Indio, California (near Palm Springs)

Prices in this community range from about $250,000 to $500,000.  The houses range in size from 1321 to 2955 square feet and have two to three bedrooms and bathrooms.  This community has an 18 hole golf course, an 18 hole par 3 golf course, an 18 hole putting course, indoor and outdoor pools, courts for tennis and bocce ball, a library, amphitheater, ballroom, hobby rooms, clubs and classes.
Where to Find More Information
If you believe that you might want to find a Del Webb retirement community in your area, you can get more details at:
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