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Rehab Facilities: How to Choose the Best One for Your Situation


This week we have a very timely guest post from John Lewis on how to find an effective rehab facility. Many people of all ages, including Baby Boomers, are suffering from alcoholism or addiction, or they have relapsed after a period of sobriety.  This has been particularly true this past year because of the stress of the Covid-19 pandemic, financial losses, grief for the loss of family members, loneliness, and other setbacks.   

If you decide that you need help to get your life back on track, and want to kick your alcohol or other addiction problem, this article by John Lewis will help you know what to consider in making the right choice in a rehab facility.  You may also want to learn more about addiction recovery, by reading books such as "The Addiction Recovery Workbook: Powerful Skills for Preventing Relapse Every Day."  (Ad)  Below is the guest article by John Lewis.


5 Steps to Choose an Effective Rehab Center

Searching for the right rehab center is unlike any other decision you have to make in life. It’s not like choosing your laptop or selecting your next vacation spot. You’re dealing with a decision that will govern the quality of your life or your loved ones. Whether or not you can transition easily and successfully into a sober life will depend on which center you pick.

So, there is a lot to consider. You have to get this decision right in the first go. There’s barely room for a second shot. Since you’re dealing with life and death here, you must be super careful and consider the following factors before finalizing the decision:

Think About Your Rehab Needs and Goals

What is it that you want? Think about it. Which substances are you trying to recover from? Are there any destructive behavior patterns that you are trying to break? Is there some medical condition or dual diagnosis for which you seek treatment? You will know your goals and needs after you answer these questions. Do you aim to get sober after the first month? Are you aiming for a six-month mark to ease into sobriety? Perhaps a year? Only you can answer these questions and accordingly, you will need to pick a rehab which offers what you seek.

Seek Professional Help

Treatment professionals know aspects of rehab centers that a layman may not be aware of. They can make you aware of certain factors that you could never have thought of. Their advice can be a lifesaver when you're contemplating multiple facilities. Mostly they know the ins and outs of facilities and can offer a match between what you need and what the facility offers. In this way, they can connect you to the right rehab center.

Do Your Own Research

Before committing to a center, be sure to do your research. It’s one thing to make promises, but it is quite another to fulfill them. Most rehab centers will have larger-than-life promises on their home page. But, you need to dig deeper. See whether or not they follow any research-driven program, what their philosophy is, and what makes up the structure of their program.

Factors to Consider

Although you have to factor in a lot of aspects, below are some of the most important ones to think through:

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Facility

An inpatient facility, such as an inpatient drug rehab or inpatient alcohol rehab, will have you stay at the premises.  In case of outpatient programs, you will seek treatment and go home. Both have their own set of advantages. Which is best for you will depend on your individual preferences and needs. It’s thought that the inpatient arrangement tends to be more successful than the outpatient one, but it is also a lot more expensive. Outpatient treatment also lets you live a normal life without breaking your routine.

Number/Nature of Therapies and Treatments

There are literally thousands of therapies and treatment options out there. This allows everyone to pick what works best for them. However, it also means that the treatment you seek may or may not be available at your desired rehab facility. It’s good to do some legwork and see all options which are available.


While it may not seem like a huge deal in the beginning, location does play a major role in the success rate of the program, and your ability to have a successful recovery. Remember that rehab is supposed to give you a fresh start. Therefore, a location far away from your previous life is better. It helps the person disconnect from past relationships and habits so that a new beginning is easier. Additionally, a center located in a peaceful setting somewhere near the countryside rather than in an urban setting may help a quicker recovery. A luxury rehab center may provide even better surroundings - if you can afford it.


The sheer number of rehab facilities to pick from is huge and each one has a different set of amenities to offer. While some would provide you with really high-end facilities which would match the standards of a five-star hotel, others only give you extremely basic, yet functional, facilities. It is all about what you have in mind and what kind of amenities you need to lead a normal life, even in rehab.

Length of the Program

The majority of rehab programs last from a month to sixty days. Some can even go up to 90-days. Most experts recommend sticking with a 6-month time frame because they feel that 30 days are not enough to adequately work through the underlying issues which are causing substance abuse and dependency. Although you can find many facilities with excellent success rates with even a 30-day program, it all depends on your individual requirements. Also, sticking with a longer rehab program may not be feasible for all patients owing to familial, professional, and financial needs.

Look for Accreditations

As with any other service provider, it’s good to see if the rehab center has some seal of approval from an agency or association. When it comes to drug de-addiction and substance recovery, you would want to look for the CARF accreditation. It’s a mark that the center lives up to the required standards of performance and care in terms of their treatment and overall quality.

Final Words

Choosing a rehab center and the right program is a life-changing and sensitive decision. Equipped with the right information and proper research/knowledge, you should be able to find the best one for you. If nothing works out, you can always seek professional advice. 

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IMPORTANT  NOTE from Baby-Boomer-Retirement:  Millions of people have also found a solution to their alcohol addiction through Alcoholics Anonymous, and many rehab facilities even recommend that their patients follow their treatment with active participation in AA.  To learn more about that program, you may want to read the "Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous - Original Edition."  (Ad) Then, you can decide if you want to try their program, go to a Rehab Facility or do a combination of both, which is very common.

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