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Top Retirement Posts in 2020 - What Concerned Baby Boomers the Most?

Every December, one of my final articles on this blog is a summary of the posts which engaged our readers the most during the year.  The topics which are of most interest change from year to year, and this annual report reflects what was on the minds of the majority of our readers in 2020. 

Considering that 2020 was a particularly unusual year, it should come as no surprise that Covid-19 weighed heavily on the minds of all Americans, not just Baby-Boomers.  Consequently, seven of the top ten articles from 2020 dealt with Covid-19 in some way.  In preceding years, articles about dementia attracted the most attention on the Baby-Boomer-Retirement blog.

During 2020, in addition to posts about Covid-19, the remaining popular articles dealt with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and when to use do-it-yourself programs to write your own will. (Ad) Below is the list of the top ten articles from 2020 on the Baby-Boomer-Retirement blog, with links to each of them, so you can read them easily.


Covid-19 will Lower Social Security Benefits for People Born in 1960 - This was the #1 article on this blog during 2020 because it dealt with both Covid-19 and the effect it will have on Social Security benefits for nearly everyone. In particular, it explains why Covid-19 will seriously reduce the benefits of people born in 1960.  A significant number of older workers lost their jobs this year, and some were forced into early retirement, requiring them to take their Social Security benefits years earlier than they planned.  Some workers chose to retire early because they were afraid to go back to work during the pandemic. Both these events are likely to affect their retirement income for the rest of their lives. What most of us did not know, however, is that people who happened to be born in 1960 are are going to be affected more than everyone else.  This is because of the way Social Security benefits are calculated.  Whether or not you were born in 1960, you will want to read this article. 

Doctor Visits and Covid-19: Dealing with Medical Appointments - Americans of all ages have been concerned about whether or not it is wise to get routine medical treatments during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Should you go to the doctor's office or try to handle everything over the phone or during a video chat?  What should you do about routine physical examinations, getting your teeth cleaned, or emergency healthcare?  How should you handle a change in your health, such as heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, an unusual rash, sudden exhaustion or weakness?  This article will help answer those questions.

In-Home Caregivers and Covid-19: Why Your Caregiver Should Continue to Come -  This was a guest post by Kelsey Simpson of Comfort Keepers.  She explained why it is important for people who need a caregiver to continue to allow them to visit their homes.  The risk of living without the care you need could be more dangerous than your risk of getting Covid-19 from a careful caregiver who follows the recommended Covid protocols. 

Do-It-Yourself Wills - The Pros and Cons - This post was written in January, 2020, before we knew that Covid-19 was beginning to enter our country. Once the pandemic was recognized, the article grew even more popular, as a wide variety of people, including younger adults, began to think about writing a will.  This is an important topic, because roughly 60% of American adults do not have a will. With thousands of people dying every day just from from Covid-19 alone, it has made everyone more aware of the importance of letting others know how they want their property distributed, if they should die.  It is a grim topic, but an important one.

Insulin Co-pays Capped at $35 for Medicare Beneficiaries in 2021 - What You Need to Know -  This was a guest post written by our Medicare expert, Danielle Kunkle Roberts.  It explains why diabetics need to make sure they have one of the new Medicare plans for 2021 so they they can take advantage of the special, lower co-pays for insulin. Anyone who is diabetic or pre-diabetic, and is at risk of becoming insulin dependent, should contact an insurance broker, and make sure they enroll in an appropriate plan.

Beware Coronavirus Scams - Fraud is Increasing! -  This was a heartbreaking article to write. The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has caused businesses to close and people to be laid-off. As a result, many Americans are in a tough financial situation.  Millions of people are unemployed and some of them have had difficulty claiming their benefits.  Impoverished people are becoming desperate and, as a result, more and more of them are falling for ruthless scams, often costing them what little money they have left. This article goes into detail about the specific scams you need to avoid. 

Covid-19: Older Workers and Retirees can Lower their Financial, Emotional and Physical Risk - This article investigates the Covid-19 issues which have created problems unique to older Americans, with suggestions on how to mitigate those issues, when possible. No matter what effect Covid has had on you and your family, this article will be helpful. 

Covid-19 and other Infectious Diseases: How to Lower Your Risk - This article contains practical suggestions on how to reduce your risk of getting Covid-19, as well as other infectious diseases such as pneumonia, influenza, norovirus, meningitis, tuberculosis, MRSA, strep throat and the common cold.  The good news is that many of the same behaviors which will protect people from Covid-19 will also protect them from other diseases. The more we adopt these behaviors, the healthier we will be!

Covid-19: Avoid People You Love - You Could be Contagious and Not Know It - While the last article explained the steps we can take to protect ourselves from infectious diseases like Covid-19, this article explains how to protect other people, especially the people we love.  While it has been hard to keep our distance from loved ones who do not live in our homes, staying away right not could be one of the most loving things you could do. 

Medicare vs. Medicaid - Different Government Programs - People are often confused about our federal Medicare and Medicaid programs.  While both provide healthcare to their beneficiaries, the requirements are different.   This article explains the programs, as well as their similarities and differences.  If you are confused about Medicare (who isn't?), you may be interested in reading the new book by this blog's Medicare expert. It is titled, "10 Costly Medicare Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make."  (Ad) It could save you a lot of money and frustration.

If you are interested in learning more about saving money, financial planning, Social Security, Medicare, where to retire, common medical issues as you age, travel and more, use the tabs or pull down menu at the top of the page to find links to hundreds of additional helpful articles.

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