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Retirement Resources for Baby Boomers - Where to Find the Information You Need

Occasionally, I come across helpful resources for people who are retired or are planning to retire.  Sometimes these resources are websites or organizations which I refer to when writing posts for this blog.  Since it would be impossible to write a post about every potential resource available, I thought it would be helpful to include a resource page on this blog for my readers who are seeking more information on a topic of interest to them. 

From time to time, as I discover new resources, I will add to this list.  People often send me links to their websites, or ask me to share links to books and articles they have written or agencies they represent. Sometimes they ask me to share articles they found helpful.  If I review the information and believe it adds a unique, helpful resource, without a bunch of ads, I may include it.

To the best of my ability, I will include links and information which appear to be worthwhile.  If you discover one which is out-of-date, or no longer useful, please let me know in the comments section so I can delete it and, when possible, replace it with a better one.  If you know of additional resources you believe should be shared, please add the information in the comments section, along with your explanation of why it would benefit other retirees.  However, I do not wish to advertise specific brands or products.

Resources Which Retirees and Future Retirees May Find Helpful

General Retirement Information - This organization represents the interests of retirees, whether you join the AARP or not.  They lobby the U.S. government for better Social Security, Medicare and retirement plans.  Members also receive their magazine and a bulletin, with a wealth of current information. In addition, members are eligible to get discounts for hotels, car rentals and other products.  AARP also sells their own line of Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans, but I recommend people do their own research in this area. - This blog has been ranked by Feedspot as one of the top 50 retirement blogs in the world.  It is a type of "reader's digest" of useful information for retirees and people planning their retirement, relying on information from a wide variety of sources.  It often provides brief summaries of much longer articles from other sources, and also includes original posts written by experts who offer to guest post on the site.

Government Agencies - This is the site to learn about your Medicare options, apply for a Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage plan, and get a replacement Medicare card.  You should use it in conjunction with the Social Security Administration website in order to get all the information you need about government programs available to senior citizens. - The Social Security Administration website is one of the most important government websites for retirees.  You can use it to apply for and manage your Social Security and SSI Disability benefits, as well as learn about how the various programs can help you.  Most of the questions you have about Social Security can be answered on this site. - The Government Publishing Office in Pueblo, Colorado is a government bookstore. It provides free and low cost brochures on a multitude of topics of importance to seniors, including information on reverse mortgages, handling money, food safety, health, and travel information.  Take the time to explore what they have to offer and order an assortment of short, clearly written brochures to help you take better care of yourself, your money and your future. -  This is the website for the U.S. Department of State - Bureau of Consumer Affairs.  If you are planning a trip to another country, this website offers travel advisories, warnings and general advice for keeping you as safe as possible.  The information is updated frequently, depending on the circumstances in each country.  They will even tell you if there is a particular region of a country to avoid.  Because it is available online, you can also check the website if you are already overseas.

Help as You Age

Moving for Seniors:  We can all feel a little overwhelmed about the idea of moving as we age, whether we are downsizing to a smaller home, moving to be closer to family, or realizing we need to move into assisted living.  This guidebook offers practical ideas to help the move go more smoothly.

Investment and Retirement Planning

Sarwa Retirement Planning - Everyone should speak with an investment planner at some point to make sure they are on schedule to save enough money to reach their retirement goals.  At least annually, they should check back with the investment planner to determine if they would benefit by making changes to their plan.  Although I have not personally used Sarwa, they are part of the new trend in robo advisors and the information they provide on their website is very helpful and worth reading, to give you a basis for comparing them to other investment planners you consider using. Sarwa is a Dubai-based company, but it serves customers worldwide and it administers your money through Interactive Brokers.  All investment accounts at Sarwa are protected SIPC products. SIPC protects the securities of an account up to $500,000 against insolvency or bankruptcy.

Investment Retirement Guide - This guide is a free web resource which is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date and accurate information about financial decisions that affect retirement.  Creating and sustaining sufficient retirement income and savings is an essential part of a secure retirement plan. While it may feel overwhelming, it's important to know what your options are. Retire Guide recently published an easy-to-understand guide to retirement income and investing. Their intent is that this guide helps to encourage those planning for retirement to make smart investment decisions.

Medical Facts, and - WebMd, the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic websites all provide accurate, up-to-date information about a variety of medical problems.  Your personal doctor should always be your first choice for reliable medical diagnosis, treatment and information.  You should not use these websites to self-diagnose your symptoms, or self-treat them. However, these sites can provide you with general health information and facts about a condition you have been diagnosed with, as well as help you better understand your condition and common treatments.  

Medicare Assistance

Boomer Benefits at or (855) 732-9055 -  This agency is licensed in nearly every state and their agents can assist you with finding the best Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan to meet your specific needs in your community. They are insurance brokers, and we have received very good reviews about them.

Senior Safety - Products to Protect You from Various Risks

Medical Alert Devices - If you are at risk of falling, having a heart attack, a stroke, or a seizure, or if you live alone, you may benefit by having a medical alert device which will connect you to an operator or call 911 for you in an emergency.  You can find a variety of brands of devices and compare the different options available at  

WebCam Safety - This article provides information on how to make adjustments to your WebCam to prevent people from spying on you. Since so many people are now communicating through webcams, this information could be especially protective:

Nursing Home Safety - This website helps family members identify examples of nursing home abuse in the care of their loved ones.  On the website they describe nursing home abuse as the "willful infliction of injury, unreasonable confinements, intimidation, or punishment with resulting physical harm, pain, or mental anguish."  You can learn more on their website at:         

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