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Free Online Exercise Classes and Games - Fun Activities to Do at Home

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to keep people at home, many Americans are looking for fun, new ways to stay physically and mentally active without leaving home.  Of course, we can all read a book or take a walk around our neighborhood, but after a while you may be desperate for new ways to keep in shape and be mentally stimulated.  As a result, below is a list of free online activities to keep you going!

I have included the shortened link for each site.  You just need to copy and paste it into your browser search bar, hit Return or Enter, and you should be taken directly to the correct website.  

Stay Fit and Healthy!

Has your current home exercise routine gotten boring?  Now is the time to refresh it.  You can start by recording exercise programs on TV.  You may also contact a local community college to see if they have free online exercise classes designed specifically for senior citizens.  Your healthcare provider may also recommend YouTube videos or fitness classes you can do online. 

You may also want to try these three free programs:

YMCA Free Online Fitness Classes at - The classes range from tai chi to yoga.

Gold's Gym at - They are now offering free virtual workouts for people of all ages and fitness levels, including high-intensity interval training for people looking for a real challenge.  

The National Institute on Aging Go4Life exercise series on YouTube at - These videos focus on stretching, building strength and balance.  They are perfect for senior citizens who want to get out of their chair and stay active, while following an exercise program designed just for them.

You should not need any special equipment to participate in these classes, although it might enhance your workouts if you get some simple hand weights or exercise bands. (Ad)

Free Online Games and Apps

Are you looking for fun ways to keep your brain sharp?  Whether you want to play by yourself or compete against other people, there are plenty of games to choose from.  Here are a just a few available resources:

Mahjong at - You can play either against computers or your friends, using your computer, an iPad or a tablet.  The game is free for two weeks.  Afterwards, they will charge you $5 a month.  As a result, you may want to check out one of the other websites listed below.

Bridge at - This is the link to the largest online bridge site in the world.  You can compete in tournaments, play games for money, and more.

Poker at - Learn to play poker from the experts!

AARP free online games at - They offer 68 popular games including crossword and jigsaw puzzles, chess, mahjong, Solitaire, and Word.  Have free fun to your heart's content.

A wide selection of free apps you can find in your App Store or on Google Play include 8 Ball Pool, Scrabble GO, Yahtzee with Buddies, Uno and Houseparty.  You can also find a large number of other fun apps, so you should never be bored!

Don't want to limit yourself to only having games you play online?  There are always plenty of inexpensive card games and board games you and your family can enjoy. Everything you need can be ordered online. (Ad)  Our grandchildren love to bring along their favorite card games when they come to visit, and it is great fun to play games in person with friends or family, rather than just online.

Travel the World Online

Another way to stimulate your mind in a relaxing way is to travel the world online!  There are many ways to do this.  I read an article about artists who use the Street View option on Google Maps to find interesting scenes, which they then paint.  It is an easy way to paint everything from a street scene in Paris to Lake Cuomo in Italy, without ever leaving your home.

Some other sites which will open your world to places you may never see in real life include:

Beautiful Destinations at

Times Square at

London at

Jerusalem at

Great Wall of China at

Expand Your Mind with YouTube

Do not limit yourself just to the above sites, however.  YouTube can teach you to almost anything you want to know.  Wondering how to do something new on the computer, bake bread from scratch, crochet, or learn about investments?  YouTube has videos to teach you almost anything which interests you. Want to see a town before you visit, or learn about the city where your children recently moved?  YouTube probably has a video tour of those locations.

I have listened to YouTube lectures by college researchers who are studying Alzheimer's Disease, as well as viewed YouTube videos of our church services on our television.  If you have a fairly recent television set, you may even be able to access YouTube on your big screen TV, using the same system you would to watch Netflix or Hulu. (Ad)

Don't just sit home bored, watching repeats of old shows over and over again.  Open your mind to fun new adventures and explore the possibilities!

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