Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Free Tax Preparation Help

Completing your tax returns can be complicated, especially as we get older and more easily frustrated.  However, there is no need for most of us to handle our returns by ourselves.  The AARP Foundation Tax-Aide is available to help you file uncomplicated personal tax returns, at no cost to you.

How Do I Find a Tax-Aide Volunteer?

These IRS trained and certified volunteers are usually available by appointment at libraries, senior centers, community centers and similar public facilities in neighborhoods all over the United States.  They are available from approximately February 1 to April 15.  Anyone can ask to use the service, but they are particularly interested in helping people over the age of 60 who have low or moderate incomes.

You can use the contact information below to make an appointment and find the nearest location:

What Documents Should You Bring To Your Appointment?

Make sure you show up at your appointment with all the information the preparer will need to complete the return quickly and efficiently.  In particular, be sure to bring in this information:

Proof of health insurance coverage;
If you were insured through the Affordable Care Act, bring Form 1095-A;
Your tax returns from the preceding year;
A photo ID, such as your driver's license, for everyone on the return;
All your income statements (W2, 1099, interest, dividends, Social Security, etc.);
Brokerage statements that show your capital gains/losses and stock sales;
Receipts for prescriptions, as well as other medical and dental bills;
Receipts for health insurance premiums;
Property tax and mortgage interest statements;
Proof of charitable donations;
Documentation for any other itemized deductions;
A check or bank card that shows the routing and account numbers for direct deposit of your refund.

Most of the documentation you need, including the Form 1095-A, W2, 1099s, Social Security statement, brokerage statements, etc., will be mailed to you during the month of January. 

Don't let yourself become upset and frustrated by trying to do your taxes by yourself.  Let professionals help you for free.

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  1. I wasn't aware of this. What a great service. Thank you for sharing the information!

  2. If you have not yet, check out There you can file your federal and state returns for free.


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