Saturday, May 3, 2014

New Blog for the Single Retiree

There are so many new adventures in store for people who are retired or planning to retire soon, that it is nearly impossible to cover every possible scenario.  That is one reason why I periodically introduce my readers to new books, articles or blogs that I think you will find helpful.  I have no desire to limit your research to just the articles I have written.  My goal is to expand your horizons and knowledge as much as possible.

In fact, I feel that one of the benefits of reading my blog is that I try to either summarize the information I discover and save you time, or I try to provide you with direct links to sources of information that would be too cumbersome to summarize on this blog.  In this way, I feel that I am providing my readers with comprehensive retirement information from a wide range of sources.  I hope to be the one site you can come to for all types of useful resources to help you get the most out of your senior years.

With that thought in mind, today I want to introduce you to a new blog that was recently started by a friend of mine.  It is:

As you can guess from the title, Elizabeth, the author of the blog, discusses some of the joys and challenges of being a single retiree.  For example, she recently covered the problem of grocery shopping for yourself when you live alone and you have injuries or medical issues that could make it difficult for you to shop for your own groceries.  She explains how online grocery shopping works.

I found this article, and others that she has written, to be interesting and I thought that some of the readers of my blog might also be interested in following Elizabeth.  I hope that you will bookmark both of our blogs on your computer and check back frequently.

After all, it is quite likely that many of us will spend as least part of our retirement as a single person, either because of divorce or the death of a spouse.  Knowing how others have addressed the challenges could make life much easier for us.

I hope you enjoy her blog and consider it an enhancement to what you are learning from mine.  Meanwhile, I will continue to read and research more information that I believe you will find useful.

If you are retired, or planning to retired soon, be sure to use the tabs at the top of this blog to find links to hundreds of additional articles on where to retire in the United States and overseas, financial planning, medical issues, family relationships, travel and more.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this new blog. You're a very generous person.


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