Thursday, April 12, 2012

Simplify Your Life for Retirement

As most of us approach retirement, we look forward to spending our free time doing all the things we have wanted to do for many years.  Now is the time when we can go to the beach, go fishing, spend time camping and hunting, write books, read books and enjoy all manner of relaxing pursuits.

However, if we want to make these things happen, one of the things most of us must consider is how to simplify our life.  We need to cut back on our expenses, and find ways to do the things we enjoy in the most affordable way possible.

This simplification can be a very empowering experience, as we learn ways to make life a little easier.  Below are some of the steps you may need to do before your retire, so that you can afford to relax once you stop working.

How to Simplify Your Life and Enjoy Your Retirement

Cut Your Housing Costs -- Can you move to a less expensive place?  Downsizing would not only save you money on mortgage and taxes, but also save you money on utilities.  Are there other housing costs that you can reduce?  For example, can you switch to a less expensive cable TV system; or use a Magic Jack rather than a traditional telephone line?  Look for all the ways you can cut your housing expenses to the bare minimum.

Consider Moving to a Retirement Community -- There are many reasons why moving to a retirement community could help you simplify your life.  Depending on the community, many of them have affordable housing, low cost or free entertainment, and a wide variety of ways to stay mentally and physically active.

Cut Other Costs -- Can you cut back on auto expenses, restaurant meals, cell phones bills, internet, etc?  Think of cost cutting as an adventure, and work together to find all the ways you can reduce your expenses.

Find Inexpensive Hobbies -- Whether you decide to stay in your current home or move to a retirement community, find hobbies that you can afford to enjoy. Whether you take up walking in your neighborhood, swim in the public pool in your community, see movies during low-cost matinees, join a book club, or take free classes, there are many activities available to senior citizens that are free or very low cost.

The Advantages of Simplifying your Life

When you cut your costs, you may find that you are also making your life easier in several ways.  For example, if you reduce the size of your residence, you will also need to spend less time cleaning and maintaining it. This alone will enable you to spend more time in leisure pursuits.

If you cut your expenses, you may find that you have less stress over your financial situation.  It may also enable you to retire a little sooner than you thought possible.

Don't wait until after you have quit your job.  Start simplifying your life as soon as you begin planning your retirement, so you have a realistic picture of how much money you need to live, and what it will take to really enjoy your post-retirement years.

If you are interested in learning about other ways to get the most out of your retirement, use the tabs or pull down menu at the top of the page to find links to hundreds of additional articles about financial planning, where to retire, health issues that can arise in retirement, changing family relationships and more.

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